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Weekend meetup

So it’s getting close to that time again-

Bill yum will be in town next weekend and I’m so excited about it

I haven’t had sex in a while and have been so horny

I text him last night to see if he’s getting a hotel when he comes and he said most likely

Not sure if he will or not but either way I’m gonna fuCk him

Whether it’s in the back of his car or just fucking on the side of a dark back road 

I need to fill my want and need 

Tank isn’t doing that for me since we are waiting to have sex

Which is cool but a girl needs a little more than just dry humping and sucking a dick

So I plan on Saturday to be wild as always when I’m with Bill yum

His huge black dick will penetrate my tight pussy and feed this need I’ve had for quite some time 

It might seem as though I am just using him for sex— but am I wrong? 

Men do it all the time- why can’t women. 

Fuck it I’m gonna do what I want anyway no matter what people say or think even if they think it’s wrong.

Tank update:

So I’m still talking/texting Tank since the last time we went out on a date and he supposedly would start coming up to see me more- now to see if he’s truthful about that And actually comes. 

I just feel like sometimes guys are all talk- 

I won’t believe him until I actually see it happen

I’m feeling a bit strange about Tank and thinking maybe he’s not that experienced sexually since he doesn’t wanna have sex with me yet. His kissing was awkward and it was as if he pushing his whole mouth on my mouth and the tongue doesn’t move in sync with mine- I cannot explain it but he’s a terrible kisser and I feel like I’m suffocating when he kisses me- doesn’t give me those feels like other guys do when we kiss so I’m wondering if I’m honestly attracted to him or not and wondering if I’m wasting my time. I had to tell him on Saturday to kiss a certain way not sure if I crushed his male ego but I don’t give a fuck I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Tank is the kind of guy who seems like he hasn’t been with a woman in a long time which I guess is a good thing but there’s no thrill there there’s no freakiness and experimentation like I want. 

When talking about sexual fantasies- I mention a threesone with a guy and girl and his eyes bulged out of his head- shocked. 

I mention how I might be into whips and choking and he looked so scared. Not sure if we have the same sexual chemistry and not sure how long this will last because of it- although I am trying hard to get to know him and with time maybe he would reveal a freaky side to him. He did however say he likes to be dominated by a woman and it turns him on. But I like to switch it up I wanna be dominated but also dominate so wondering if he could do that for me. He also seems to really have a foot fetish and shower fetish. Every time I see him he mentions he wants to wash my body down and massage my feet- I’m like umm okay sure you can- but I haven’t allowed him to do it yet cause I told him I can’t just shower with him without wanting to fuck him right after- I said it’s too much of a tease to do that. So basically all we do right now is cuddle, dry hump, I suck his dick and I finger myself till I fall asleep. Guess I’ll see how much longer this goes on. 

Tank also said he’ll eat pussy when we get more intimate 

Like how much more intimate do we need to get? 

I suck your dick but you can’t return the favor? 

This kinda irritates me- so not sure where this thing with Tank will go. The guys I choose are selfish as fuck when it comes to eating pussy.

I’m about to get me a female just so my pussy gets licked and some more attention 

Update on Don:

So I text him a dirty meme the other day cause it reminded me of him and the way he lays down the pipe 

He responds and says he wants to meet up

I’m tempted and might just meet with him this Sunday so I can get some action before next weekend 

It feels like forever that I had sex

Since all my dudes are long distance 

So not sure what will happen Sunday but I’ll deff keep my followers posted

Tyrone Update:

Tyrone and I are supposed to hang out sometime this week- but not 100% sure about that since he’s been so busy. 


Pleasuring myself is the only way these days.

I’ve been fingering myself a lot these days and watching a lot of pornhub the blacked edition- which I love and it seems to be satisfying me. 

Just don’t know how much longer it will satisfy me until I erupt and want to just fuck everything and anything. 

Stay tuned for more sex stories that I am sure are on their way since I’ve been horny as fuck 

The pussy controls me and I think I’ll let it 

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Bill yummy 

So Bill yum is still in the picture and he’s my random dating guy- fuck me good- long distance lover guy- he’s still living far away from me and he rarely comes to philly to see me other than when he’s up here for Army weekends.

 He messaged me today and sent me the most arousing sexy photo of himself in a towel that was half covering his body and covered up his male part. 

Oh my lawd it caught me off guard and I was smiling and grinning from ear to ear also blushing. I text him back and tell him how fucking sexy he looks. He says he doesn’t believe me and doesn’t think he’s sexy. Yea right how’s he not know? I wondered to myself. 

So anyway we are supposed to hang out sometime this month I think around St.Pattys day and im looking forward to it-

 I’d really like to spend the night At his house again but not sure when I’d be back up that way- if at all any time soon. 

I know it’s not gonna go anywhere with Bill yum but I guess I’m clinging on to the past- 

idk maybe hoping for a future but not sure what the future holds if there is one for us. 

These long distance things are the most difficult- I feel like even being like 30 mins away from someone is difficult cause you don’t know what they could be doing or who they are seeing. Take the situation with Don- he lives in a different neighborhood then me and I always felt like what is he doing or who is he seeing from the distance between us). 

Or maybe that’s where my trust issues come into play and I just am on guard that any guy I am with is out to lie and cheat on me, so trust is hard for me to have. 

When I think of an ideal boyfriend for me, he’d live in the same city and at least the same neighborhood just so maybe it would put my mind at ease a bit on the whole cheating thing-

 but when you think about it if a guys gonna cheat- he will no matter how close or far he lives from you. 
Just a rant of thoughts. 

Thanks for listening. 

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Still horny 

So I lay here in bed and recall my shenanigans over the weekend and think to myself damn I am still horny as fuck. Although I had my pussy eaten like no tomorrow- which rarely happens when I mess with black guys- (yea Friday guy was a white guy) I still feel horny as hell. 

Oral is fine and all and great cause I never get it- black guys don’t do that for some reason- I will never know why- but I am fucking horny and feel so aroused like I really wish I had a dude to just call up and ask to come over. All my men are too many miles away and I can’t even just go and see them. This long distance shit is for the birds. The army lifestyle is for the birds too. 

Really contemplating banging the 22 year old and his new friend that I just got introduced to.

It’s going against my initial rule that 22 is way too young for me- but really what is age? 

If it’s only sex- Friday guy was shockingly the oldest guy I’ve been with ever and he was past my rule of too old- so why should I not break my top young rule?

 They are adult age- they are just about ten years younger then me- 

You with think 22 would have more stamina

More energy

Be able to go many more rounds 

Damn I’m talking myself into it just getting aroused think about the 22 year old guys I want as my next conquests 

Not sure what my next move is…. but will keep my loyal followers updated. 

First I need to lay the ground work- texting and sexting then I’ll get my way… get their dicks in my mouth and pussy. 

Btw both of these 22 year olds are army which makes it even sexier 

Since I have a thing for military guys 

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Pandora’s Box

So I forgot to tell you guys about Friday guys friends that I met. They are big freaks! And it’s kinda funny felt like fate that I was supposed to meet them! 

So we’re chatting it up and the beers and shots we’re going down way to smooth

By the third shot I’m blabbing about sex and how I like to explore and all this other nonsense the sober me wouldn’t say as loudly to people I just met like an hour before

So the girlfriend of Fridays friend marko starts telling me about her submissive lifestyle and how she got her bf marko into it

She told me about different websites to search for doms and how to do this and do that

I was intrigued

And a bit aroused

Very curious

She seemed like a cool chick 

Like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with again

Then when she left to use the bathroom marko pulls out his phone filled with all these photos of her ass and the bruises and marks on it

He’s so happy to show them off

And I go through and see what she wears 


And chains

And really sexy clothing

And there’s all these erotica type photos in his phone

I’m like shocked but aroused and excited for them that you’d never have no idea looking at them they’d be like that

Thy seemed like normal people 

But they were freaks and I liked that they were

Friday guy was getting all red in the face and he looked uncomfortable about his friend showing me the photos

I told him it’s okay

I’m interested and want to learn more

So I exchanged numbers with the girl and I think I’m going to text her one day and ask her about some tips on how to be a submissive

And how to explore this side of me that I am drawn to

They mentioned sex clubs and going there 

And this turned me on

Just wish I had a guy to take me there

I could never go there with Friday guy 

And not even sure Tyrone would be up for that

Wondering if I’m opening up Pandora’s box or some side of me that shouldn’t be opened by being friends with this woman and maybe even joining in on trips to clubs with her

I know that night she was nonstop texting me to go join her and her bf to use their sex swing 

And I know if her bf was a little cuter I would’ve joined but I had no attraction to him whatsoever so that kept me from hanging out with them after the bar. 

So just wondering and asking you- my readers what you think- do you think I should open up this door of new explorations or keep the door closed for whatever reason it’s been closed this entire time for. 

Comment your thoughts please. 

Oh and as for the sex addiction counseling I’m still waiting on a call back- 

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Chick with a dick

So if you’re a female but you have sex with a chick with a dick does that make you a lesbian? 

Just curious? 

Responses needed.
I was asked to have a threeway with an old military buddy and a chick with a dick so that’s why I question this. 

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Ready to Fuck

So I deleted the numbers of the guys I said I would but then I receive an email today from Monster with his new number in it! 

It’s a sign to keep his big black dick around for a little bit longer

I know I won’t see him until prob December but that’s okay

He can be my occasional guy I fuck until I find me some new play things to play with

I thought I turned over a new leaf since I haven’t had sex in about a month or so but I’m horny as ever and want to just fuck

I have a date tomorrow with an old boss I used to work for

I kinda always had a thing for him even though he’s not that attractive but I like his personality I guess

So I guess we will see how the night goes- I know alcohol will be involved so I wonder if we will fuck or not-

I’m planning on hanging out with 22, on Saturday so if Friday doesn’t work out- which I think I won’t fuck Friday guy- I’ll deff be having some fun with 22. 

He’s the forbidden fruit

The 22 year old guy I was hesitant about fucking in one of my orevious posts

He says he loves to lick pussy and I won’t object to that

Guess I’ll see whether or not that’s the truth

I miss Tyrone though we text pretty much everyday and most often about naughty things we want to do to each other but it sucks cause I want him now 

Debating if I wanna make the hour and a half drive up to see him just to fuck him and have him fuck my brains out for one night to go back home and not see him for another week or weeks more

I don’t usually get attached to dudes but once I start not having sex anymore it makes me miss the dicks I had in between my legs and in my mouth

I talked to Monster the other day and he said he’s going to try and see me one of these days- but his work schedule is terrible- why do I always go for the guys who live far away or who are set on active duty with the military 

Maybe it’s a sign to stop fucking military guys 

I would’ve thought my ex husband was a sign to stop dating military guys

But I like what I like 

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Webcam girl 

So I decided I should start making money off of my sexy photos and even thinking bout recording a film with a couple guys I talk to. I need to make bank and I think it would help me in feeding my addiction. So currently searching sites and seeing about starting a webcam, to go along with my blogs. 

Hoping I can receive followers and can actually make money. 

I’ll update you guys on how it goes waiting on approval from one site and continuing to search other sites to find the best one