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Weekend meetup

So it’s getting close to that time again-

Bill yum will be in town next weekend and I’m so excited about it

I haven’t had sex in a while and have been so horny

I text him last night to see if he’s getting a hotel when he comes and he said most likely

Not sure if he will or not but either way I’m gonna fuCk him

Whether it’s in the back of his car or just fucking on the side of a dark back road 

I need to fill my want and need 

Tank isn’t doing that for me since we are waiting to have sex

Which is cool but a girl needs a little more than just dry humping and sucking a dick

So I plan on Saturday to be wild as always when I’m with Bill yum

His huge black dick will penetrate my tight pussy and feed this need I’ve had for quite some time 

It might seem as though I am just using him for sex— but am I wrong? 

Men do it all the time- why can’t women. 

Fuck it I’m gonna do what I want anyway no matter what people say or think even if they think it’s wrong.

Tank update:

So I’m still talking/texting Tank since the last time we went out on a date and he supposedly would start coming up to see me more- now to see if he’s truthful about that And actually comes. 

I just feel like sometimes guys are all talk- 

I won’t believe him until I actually see it happen

I’m feeling a bit strange about Tank and thinking maybe he’s not that experienced sexually since he doesn’t wanna have sex with me yet. His kissing was awkward and it was as if he pushing his whole mouth on my mouth and the tongue doesn’t move in sync with mine- I cannot explain it but he’s a terrible kisser and I feel like I’m suffocating when he kisses me- doesn’t give me those feels like other guys do when we kiss so I’m wondering if I’m honestly attracted to him or not and wondering if I’m wasting my time. I had to tell him on Saturday to kiss a certain way not sure if I crushed his male ego but I don’t give a fuck I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Tank is the kind of guy who seems like he hasn’t been with a woman in a long time which I guess is a good thing but there’s no thrill there there’s no freakiness and experimentation like I want. 

When talking about sexual fantasies- I mention a threesone with a guy and girl and his eyes bulged out of his head- shocked. 

I mention how I might be into whips and choking and he looked so scared. Not sure if we have the same sexual chemistry and not sure how long this will last because of it- although I am trying hard to get to know him and with time maybe he would reveal a freaky side to him. He did however say he likes to be dominated by a woman and it turns him on. But I like to switch it up I wanna be dominated but also dominate so wondering if he could do that for me. He also seems to really have a foot fetish and shower fetish. Every time I see him he mentions he wants to wash my body down and massage my feet- I’m like umm okay sure you can- but I haven’t allowed him to do it yet cause I told him I can’t just shower with him without wanting to fuck him right after- I said it’s too much of a tease to do that. So basically all we do right now is cuddle, dry hump, I suck his dick and I finger myself till I fall asleep. Guess I’ll see how much longer this goes on. 

Tank also said he’ll eat pussy when we get more intimate 

Like how much more intimate do we need to get? 

I suck your dick but you can’t return the favor? 

This kinda irritates me- so not sure where this thing with Tank will go. The guys I choose are selfish as fuck when it comes to eating pussy.

I’m about to get me a female just so my pussy gets licked and some more attention 

Update on Don:

So I text him a dirty meme the other day cause it reminded me of him and the way he lays down the pipe 

He responds and says he wants to meet up

I’m tempted and might just meet with him this Sunday so I can get some action before next weekend 

It feels like forever that I had sex

Since all my dudes are long distance 

So not sure what will happen Sunday but I’ll deff keep my followers posted

Tyrone Update:

Tyrone and I are supposed to hang out sometime this week- but not 100% sure about that since he’s been so busy. 


Pleasuring myself is the only way these days.

I’ve been fingering myself a lot these days and watching a lot of pornhub the blacked edition- which I love and it seems to be satisfying me. 

Just don’t know how much longer it will satisfy me until I erupt and want to just fuck everything and anything. 

Stay tuned for more sex stories that I am sure are on their way since I’ve been horny as fuck 

The pussy controls me and I think I’ll let it 

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Pandora’s Box

So I forgot to tell you guys about Friday guys friends that I met. They are big freaks! And it’s kinda funny felt like fate that I was supposed to meet them! 

So we’re chatting it up and the beers and shots we’re going down way to smooth

By the third shot I’m blabbing about sex and how I like to explore and all this other nonsense the sober me wouldn’t say as loudly to people I just met like an hour before

So the girlfriend of Fridays friend marko starts telling me about her submissive lifestyle and how she got her bf marko into it

She told me about different websites to search for doms and how to do this and do that

I was intrigued

And a bit aroused

Very curious

She seemed like a cool chick 

Like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with again

Then when she left to use the bathroom marko pulls out his phone filled with all these photos of her ass and the bruises and marks on it

He’s so happy to show them off

And I go through and see what she wears 


And chains

And really sexy clothing

And there’s all these erotica type photos in his phone

I’m like shocked but aroused and excited for them that you’d never have no idea looking at them they’d be like that

Thy seemed like normal people 

But they were freaks and I liked that they were

Friday guy was getting all red in the face and he looked uncomfortable about his friend showing me the photos

I told him it’s okay

I’m interested and want to learn more

So I exchanged numbers with the girl and I think I’m going to text her one day and ask her about some tips on how to be a submissive

And how to explore this side of me that I am drawn to

They mentioned sex clubs and going there 

And this turned me on

Just wish I had a guy to take me there

I could never go there with Friday guy 

And not even sure Tyrone would be up for that

Wondering if I’m opening up Pandora’s box or some side of me that shouldn’t be opened by being friends with this woman and maybe even joining in on trips to clubs with her

I know that night she was nonstop texting me to go join her and her bf to use their sex swing 

And I know if her bf was a little cuter I would’ve joined but I had no attraction to him whatsoever so that kept me from hanging out with them after the bar. 

So just wondering and asking you- my readers what you think- do you think I should open up this door of new explorations or keep the door closed for whatever reason it’s been closed this entire time for. 

Comment your thoughts please. 

Oh and as for the sex addiction counseling I’m still waiting on a call back- 

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New Fuck Buddy to play with

So planning to meet a possible new fuck buddy 

He claims he likes to be dominant and he’s into doing freaky things 

Now to test him out and see what he’s like

Needed some more dudes in my life

Staying dry as fuck really ain’t cool

Dating ain’t for me right now 

So I wanna explore what is out there 

Maybe having new guys added to my occasional fucks will teach me new ways of enjoying sex 

And my body 

So hoping Saturday gets here quickly cause I want to have this new guys dick in my mouth

Might be a possible three way also

With two younger guys…. 

I was told to bring my sex toys and we will use them 

He also wants to fuck me in the ass

Which I’m sorta opposed to in a way but if we fuck around for a while anal will be worth it

For some reason anal to me is sacred not every guy can poke me there

Which should probably be the way with my pussy but oh well 

So going to get ass fucked and pussy fucked hopefully at the same time— 

Be a first for me-

The other three ways consisted of me being face fucked And pounded in my pussy

Kinda excited about the idea of double penetration in that way as if it’s a porno 

Really hot to think about

Pussy is pulsating a bit just imagining what will happen… 

Probably opening up Pandora’s box adding these other guys to the mix and adding to the extreme needs and wants of my addiction but I guess I gotta get it out the way before I get help 

And it’s gone forever 

I will update you guys on what happens 

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Online Dating is not for me! 

So I met Tim on a dating site-

Hey don’t judge me

It was my first time exploring dating sites and figured what the hell let me try it out

So we started talking through the site and he seemed half decent so we planned a date to meet

I chose a local restaurant bar that was in my neighborhood- so I’d be closer to home if he was a wacko 

We met at the place and we hugged at our first meeting 

We had talked on the phone previously and that helped break the ice a bit 

So when we met it wasn’t as awakward

It was like meeting a friend 

We talked a lot 

I had some food 

Had a few drinks 

Then we decided to go to the park and feed the ducks

It was nice 

A date where I didn’t put out on the first time together 

I was so proud of myself

Or maybe I didn’t put out because he really wasn’t the ideal guy or usual guy I went after

He was a tall somewhat stocky white guy

First white guy in a long time for me

So we went on a date and kept texting

He came from Jersey to visit me often and we went on quite a few dates after that

We ended up going on a road trip to Mount Joy, PA and just chilled at a B&B there. 

This was the first time we were able to hang out and possibly hook up outside of a car setting which we had previously been doing after our dinner dates

So I figured it has been about 2 months I was ready to get some penetration in my life…

I was totally wrong about that.

So we show up to the B&B and it’s awkward as hell

It’s inside a woman’s home and there were other couples there

Even a couple with their two boys

How the fuck will I fuck in this house?

 I’m too loud and everyone in this house will hear me- which would be so embarrassing.

So i tried to make some moves on Tim- but he kept swatting me away and didn’t want to fuck 

Really dude it was two months we were together that’s enough time I thought to get down

I keep attempting to get him aroused and he barely got up

Wtf was I off my game or something cause usually guys get hard and very aroused when I start playing with them

I even started sucking his average white man size cock to help persuade him that I was ready to go…… and nothing

By this point im irritated and pissed off 

So I go in the bathroom to just cool off plus I decided I was going to take a bath in the huge whirlpool tub

In the tub I fingered the shit out of myself to get me off since apparently this dude couldn’t and wouldn’t get me off

I remember I packed a naughty 2 piece lingerie set to help spice it up 

I don’t usually do the lingerie thing but for him I bought it cause I wanted to get fucked

So I put it on and it looked great on me 

There’s no way he could turn me down now

So I walk out the bathroom and he sees me he gets aroused 

but he still doesn’t want to fuck

He just goes down on me and licks my pussy 

I sorta get off cause the head was pretty good and I figured that’s the only thing I’m getting so I better enjoy that shit 

He’s down there for like 20 mins going in 

So it helped satisfy my need of some type of penetration 

The following times we go to hotels to just chill he’s the same way

He doesn’t want to have sex

He just wants to make out and go down on me or do 69 


I need penetration! 

We were at the hotel and I did the same thing

I straddled him and he rose but he said he wasn’t ready to have sex yet

Maybe I’m too agressive or maybe he was a bit taken back because I did say he was the first white guy I really had so maybe he felt like he couldn’t satisfy me like black guys could but I didn’t care I just wanted him to try.,,,, but nope

I got head, some fingering which I could’ve done myself and some kissing  which was subpar 

He even had the audacity to actually lift me off of him when I tried to straddle him

By this last time I was at the point where I knew it was the end

It was weird he didn’t want to have sex

He also had some crazy fantasies he wanted to do with me which I wasn’t down for

He mentioned that it would turn him on if I peed on him 

Wtf! Dude that’s sick! 

He also liked me to belittle him, 

call him names and slap him around.

 I was intrigued and actually did a little of those things besides the peeing, but it didn’t last.

I wanted him to throw me on the bed and ravage me like a beast but he wanted to be the one who was ravaged- 

so we didn’t have the same sexual chemistry or desires

I ended up breaking it off with him and telling him to have a good life

I wasn’t the girl for him.

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Better call Tyrone

So I met up with My friend Tyrone tonight. And oh my lawd- what a night full of passion, lust, stimulation, arousal and cum.

Tonight was on the top of my list for best sex I’ve ever had. I can’t believe how he stimulates every part of my being.

It all started with a list of some sexy R&B songs- jamming and talking about who the artists are. We talked about his plan for his business and I talked a little about school- everything was G rated- even though my mind was thinking Xrated the whole time as usual- cause hey that’s just me.

So we talk and talk and I start to get touchy feeling and grabby. I try undoing his belt but he decides he’s going to take it off and wrap up my wrists with the belt. It hurt a little bit I was becoming aroused with the thought of having him dominate me and I lose any control I once had.

He tightens the belt and is controlling my hands so I can’t touch him as we have a deep conversation about a movie he wanted me to see. The movie was 50 Shades of Gray and it was my first time watching it- that movie made me so aroused and curious about this BDSM lifestyle. So we continue talking and just chilling. Then we move to the bed and just enjoy the music.

At this point I pull down my shorts thinking I’m gonna have him right away….. as I usually have guys. But nope I had to work for it. He was trying to teach me self control. He told me to be patient and I’ll get what I want. He also told me there’s a way a woman can make a man want her- apparently I never learned that since all the dudes I’ve been with made it easy for me just to get fucked and I never had the actual pleasure in return. I never had a guy who actually cared about pleasing me and making sure I am taken care of- I’m the one who usually does the pleasing.

So we are lying side by side my head on his chest and he starts singing and breathing in and out as to moan- this dude is a tease.

Wtf is he doing to me. I start rubbing him up and down and start grinding on him.

But he says I need to be patient- and control myself in order to get what I want.

It’s so damn hard- I guess I’m an addict after all- I can’t even just lie side by side with a guy without the raging need to have sex.

So we lay together and I try and contain myself even though he made it so difficult to.

He starts to do a little grind and swivel on the bed that has me going wild on the inside and I just wanted to eat him all up.

We start kissing a little and he does that thing again where he chokes me which makes me wild. I try to grab his hand to make the grip tighter- that shit makes me so turned on.

At this point I’m now inching my way down to his big cock and anticipate wrapping my lips around his dick. But he grabs my hair and forces my head back away from his cock. I’ve never had this type of treatment before- I usually like control and I’m being controlled now and am getting pulled away from licking and sucking which is making me more aroused waiting to get my hands and mouth on his cock. So he keeps pulling my ponytail as I inch closer to his dick every time- I catch his dick and lick it and try sucking it and he pulls me back again. It was like a tease game and it was driving me wild- I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

So he finally allows me to go at him and at this point I’m in a frenzy! I go in licking and sucking, I spit on it and start to jerk it and then he puts his finger in my pussy- which was already dripping- I was soaked to the bone. In and out faster and fast hes fingering me so hard. I moan as I’m sucking on his dick and start to move his dick deeper down my throat to where I start to gag on it. I gag but it still has me turned on I want to keep inching his cock down my throat to see how far it can reach. He continues fingering me as I continue to moan and and yell- I’m very loud when we are together. As his finger is penetrating me he slaps my ass and makes me even more excited.

He then gets up and puts on a condom- safety first.

And I guess I was so used to always doing doggy he surprised me and we did it missionary style- I became a bit overwhelmed and shivered when he put it in. This was the first time in about 3 years where I had sex this way- and it was so passionate. As he thrusted in deeper I moaned in his ear and gasped. Trying to catch my breath as my pussy was getting stroked and pounded so good. He continue to dig in deep as I lift my legs higher and at this point I’m slipping and sliding I came so much. This is the wettest I’ve been in a long time too. He was so arousing as he carassed me and kissed on my body as he dug his cock in my pulsating pussy.

He then moves off of me and goes to sit on the chair in the corner of my room. I search for him in the dark and position myself on his dick- as I begin to hop up and down on his big cock. Omg he feels incredible- I love the way he feels. This guy has the best dick game- my body is dripping. We then move to my computer chair that has wheels on it. With every thrust into him the wheels move and we are moving across the room. Panting, heavy breathing, moans, and sex filled the air. Bodies slapping, the sound of my wet pussy on his black cock is all you hear. I hop off and say, are you gonna hit me from behind now? At this point we move back to the bed and I get on all fours positioning myself to take it in. He slides it in and I’m like,”oooo yea that feels great, give it to me” he slides it in digging deeper and deeper hitting it harder and harder fast then slow. He feels amazing! At this point I am breathing heavier and screaming. He tells me to be quiet and I try so hard. I grab the pillow and bite it. He puts his finger in my mouth and I suck on it. He pushed my face into the pillow and covers my mouth. At one point he was covering both my mouth and nose and I couldnt breath that well- but I still enjoyed it- it was stimulating-  it was a bit of kink- unexpected but surprisingly a huge turn on for me.

So he’s covering my mouth as he’s stroking and thrusting his big dick into my puss- beating it up. I then get back on top and ride him- at this point I’m going wild- back and forth back and forth-

He tells me to stop moaning/screaming and only to listen to my breathing. Which at first was difficult but I finally did it and as I heard only the breaths and the bodies hitting I became more excited- I began to ride back and forth faster then before and then it happened!

I SQUIRTED on top of him!!

He got me to the point where I squirted!!!

I haven’t squirted for years- to be exact it only happened during the military 3some I had blogged about previously. I’ve never had anyone that was that good to hit me in all the right spots to where I squirted. I hopped off of him immediately as I had the biggest orgasm I’ve had for quite some time. My body shook and I flailed around. My pussy was pulsating and throbbing and dripping wet. He finished me off with some doggy as he was pushing my head into the pillow and it was amazingly arousing. He is hitting me so hard and deep and then ask,” do you want daddy to cum?” I reply with “yea daddy cum” and give it to me.” Just then he cums. I lay in bed sucking my thumb with every inch of my body pulsating and tingly from the erotic pleasure I just endured for about an hour. That dude can go- wish we had more time to go a few more rounds- but that session was body weakening for me. I went to stand up and my legs were shaking. We both had sweat dripping off of us and we were both red in the face. That was the best damn sex I’ve had in a long ass time. I’m going to see Tyrone again- hopefully next week- and hopefully we have more time together- so we can continue to get down and dirty with each other. Until then I will playback the sex songs we had our night of passion to and finger myself thinking about his hard cock in my pussy.

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The pussy won this battle. Bill yum (part 4)

So I gave in when I met up with Bill Yum. At least my pussy did

I am controlled by my pussy which seems to just want to be pounded all the time

Bill yum is like my kryptonite and I am at fault for allowing him to make my body and pussy yearn for him like he does

We have great sexual chemistry and he is one of the very few men who can keep going round after round

At the end of the night I’m either sucking ny thumb or passed out due to dehydration and getting fucked so good I want to just sleep

He grabs me and is a bit rough with me

With him there’s passion and feels  so erotic

His cock is large and one of the biggest I’ve had- (code name Monster)

He knows exactly what he does to me and he has me hooked

So I met up with Bill yum when he came to town for his military drills and couldn’t resist

I wanted to fuck him.

he wanted to take me on a date but I knew I just wanted to climb on top of him and ride his dick till I came all over myself.

So I did.

We went to eat

grabbed a few drinks

and I couldn’t stop touching his leg and eyeing him down.

i wanted him for a week and waited patiently for him to come back in town so we could fuck.

we decide to pull up to a dark secluded spot that I know of and watch a movie in his car.

the movie didn’t last long.

i started to unbuckle his pants and I pressed my warm mouth on his cock and started sucking and licking. I went to town on it because I wanted him so badly.

Then I  took control and pushed his seat back

straddled him and placed his long hard cock in my pussy

i let out a gasp

And a moan.

damn he felt amazing.

i start riding him and the car is shaking back and forth

heavy breathing

moans, I had chills all over my body

sweat dripping

cum squirting out as I ride up and down on his long hard cock

i take control and have it my way

he doesn’t have to do anything but enjoy my pussy

i ride him for what seems like an hour and when I finish I let out this loud scream as my body shakes and I soak him with my cum. I needed that release. We went a week texting dirty photos to each other and texts of what would happen at our next encounter.

 He said he was too tired to do anything

but I couldn’t have that

i wanted him and I had to take it

i took charge and got him to rise

he saluted me and I rode him

through the night.

I know I shouldn’t have met up with him- but he has me hypnotized- his dick has me coming back for more and more- and I can’t seem to shake him.

 So my pussy ended up winning this battle when my heart and mind was telling me not to restart anything with him.

Things get complicated with him because he is an ex

And it’s like we will never be anything other than just sex

As much as I thought at one point I may have loved him- it would never be anything more than a random hookup or a fling

Well I guess it’s good we kept in touch

At least my pussy is getting its attention it needs

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Pl3asure4U #2

So Pl3asure4U is going to be around for a while

He says he’s going to help me take my addiction and help me see that I don’t need to have sex all the time or want to have sex all the time- 

I honestly believe that he could possibly help me with this and show me that the dudes in the past never respected me that’s why I’m so fucked up beyond belief at this point in my life when it comes to guys. 

He’s a smart man 

He’s deep in his words and knows what he’s talking about

He read me like a book from a few gestures i had shown him

He reads body language well

He was able to read me immediately when I honestly just recently came to the realization that I am a nympho 

and might need something to help me control it.

The way he stimulates my mind, body and soul makes me excited for the next meetings we have 

and I definitely want him to help me take the beast within me. 

I want him to help me unleash my true passions.

Pl3asure4U from day 1 has been:

Chill, honest with his intentions and smart

And he shows me the respect I deserve that guys in the past have never shown me

We had a conversation on the phone tonight and it felt as if i was talking to a friend I’ve known for years

We vibe with each other and he’s so easy to talk to

We converse about worldly topics and real life things 

He even goes on with what I learn in school and can actually teach me something that I had never even learned before. 

He’s getting me in those feels like people say but I like it cause it’ll be something different. 

To be treated with respect 

To be able to just chill with someone who wants to please me

Wants to know about me and my day 

Someone who will also bang me out at the end of the day to feed the hunger I have that has my pussy throbbing.

If there’s any ladies out there who is in need of some attention by a nice guy

It’s not about sex with him- just the stimulation of my mind is what gets me off- and the attention I receive from him. 

A genuine guy who enjoys the company of a lovely woman 

You should email my new friend Ple3asure4u 

If you are in the Philadelphia, PA area send him an email

Are you looking for companionship that you may be missing in your life? 

Are you looking to be swept away by a handsome man and taken out on the town? 

Are you looking to just chill and relax and have a deep conversation that stimulates your mind and may even tantalize your body? 

Then don’t be afraid and email Pl3asure4U. You definitely won’t be disappointed.