So my weekend never happened because life comes into play and being a mom comes first before anything- even some wild sex.

My child was very ill this whole weekend and I had to put on my doctor hat to care for her before she went with her father tonight. 

Felt bad not seeing Bill yum Saturday but my child always comes first and always will. 

So I have no clue when the next time I see him will be. 

As far as Don…. he hit me up wanting to hang Friday but I couldn’t and I think he’s giving up on me. I think he’s done chasing me. So I think I’ll start chasing him. Idk yet though not sure if I’m wasting my time with him or not. 

As far as Tank goes- it seems like our conversations are bland- dry and always repetitive 

Not sure where this thing will go

And I’m really at the point like I don’t even care

I’m still young

And have time to find my one 

Maybe he’s out there somewhere