So pleasure 4u is back in my life- aka Tyrone- aka Trevor as he now wants to be called. So he’s been away in Germany for about a month now and has been busy working on his new business endeavor. So we start chatting on Facebook and he mentions how he wants to be a male giggalo. He had mentioned it before and I said I’d help him and support him in any way that I can, but then he left it alone and decided he wouldn’t do it. 

Now he’s back and he wants me to help promote his business by getting the females I know to call him up so he can service them. 

That’s great he wants to make money and in this tough economy it’s hard, but should I feel funny helping other women set up nights of passion and excitement with him? 

 We talked and he said if we mess around it’s strictly sex, so I know it would never be anything more, so why should I care if I pawn him off to other women? 

I have weird feelings about it in a way, but I know I shouldn’t care. 

I know it’s nothing but occasional sex with him so I’m wondering why it’s bugging me so much. 

When thinking about it, I want to help my friends out the best way I can- so I know I should at least try and help him. 

Just gotta see what female friends I have that would actually be interested in being with a man they have to pay. 

Most of my girlfriends are married, in relationships or lesbian….. so not sure how I’d help him honestly.