So I have been talking to this guy Tank that I’ve talked about in other posts. And we have really good conversation so far- he seems like a cool guy,  he’s well educated, has his own car, his own place, and has a really good job- all very good things about him. 

He was my former platoon sergeant at my last unit and o always had a thing for him but never said anything cause I didn’t wanna jeopardize his position. So I waited till I was out the military to send him a message on Facebook and tell him that I was into him and wanted to get to know him more. He also told me that he thought I was a nice woman and was very attractive. He asked me to dinner the last time and that’s when I got nervous and never showed the first time. 

So with the courage I got from talking to Tyrone I agreed to finally go out with him and we’re going out next Saturday for the first time. 

I haven’t seen this guy in close to ten months so I hope it’s not awkward or anything. We talk pretty good on the phone together so I don’t think it’ll be too terrible- guess I just have that new date jitters.  

I think maybe he can change things for me with guys. Like I know it’s a new thing we’re starting up but I hope it lasts a while. 

As far as things with Don- he’s back in my life as a friend right now- have no clue where else it’s going to go other than that-