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I think I’m ready

So Don is coming back in my life and we are going to take things very slow to get to know one another. I don’t wanna tie myself down to him just yet though- so I plan to go on that long awaited date with Tank in about a week or so. I have no clue how that will pan out- but I want to give it a shot. Guess it’s good I have options- even though i wasn’t looking to date at all for a while. 

I’m debating my celibacy a lot these days- I sorta miss Tyrone and want he made my body feel like and I’m on the verge of calling him up and having him handle me. I really wanna be good but it’s so tempting because I do like him and he has an attractive personality but I just don’t wanna go down that route again of just opening my legs because I’m bored or I want it for all the wrong reasons. Like I said in a post a while back- I wanna make love to a guy- and I want passion and I want it to be real. I’ll hold off on sex and maybe when I have a guy who’s worthy of the goods- I’ll share it with them. 



I write about sex, sex and more sex and sometimes my failed attempts at relationships. These are true life stories of what sexcapades I have had in my life. I also write about my search for love an a relationship.

7 thoughts on “I think I’m ready

    1. Im glad you enjoed my comment sierra, i bet the guy you were with was a real jerk. You sound like youve found yourself though, your strong. You always were.

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  1. Im sorry why can’t i what? If i was in this story id be the jerk you dumped. Unfortunately my actions had nothing to do with love, everything to do with a mental illness i believe underlying it all. I am sort of half assed seeking help for it but i dont much see a point. So i will continue reading and seeing where your adventure goes


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