So Don is still sorta in my life 

He wasn’t pushed out completely 

And I’m contemplating giving him and a relationship a third chance

Maybe more than third by this point but I honestly feel like there’s a reason he still wants to be apart of my life and I’m sorta glad he hasn’t totally given up on me.

Maybe I like the attention and want him to actually want me and know that someone wants me in their life. 

So I went out with my Sisters for a girls night this past weekend and got a good buzz- which led to me texting Don. 

So I drunk text why I dumped him the last time and how I was upset he was texting other girls while he was hanging with me 

His response was that he has friends who are girls like I have friends who are guys. 

I responded with no I don’t have guy friends. And rambled through text about how I’m ready to be a mans only one. Not a side chick. 

So basically I said some lovey dovey crap about missing talking to him. And how there must still be a reason why he’s still in my life. So after that we ended up planning to meet up and talk. So Thursday will be that day if I don’t make something up to push him away. 

I’m enjoying the single life and not 100% sure I can trust him enough to be in a real thing with him. Or I am honestly scared to give my heart away and won’t even try because of my fear. 

Don said something that really made sense to me and showed me how I repeat certain things. 

He said every few months you want to give up sex, and you can’t make up your mind if you want to be single or alone. Those words really sunk in as I thought about it I actually see a pattern forming. So my response was that this is how I am and I’m working on it but can’t make promises.


The next thing we plan to do is just talk it out and see what happens. 

I’m wondering why he didn’t just let me go. I texted him I can’t be friends with him because it’ll be too hard and he should stop contacting me. 

His response was that he wanted to see me and talk to me. 

He texts me often that he misses me and all this stuff- and it makes me wonder if he truly misses me like he says or misses jut the sex stuff even though he says it’s not that. 

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