So I’ve been texting the 22 year olds friend Andre for the last two weeks

and he seems like a good project to work on

His last gf destroyed his confidence in the sex department and I think I could be of an assistance in helping regain the confidence 

We had just started talking and we exchanged dirty photos to each other but nothing was planned in stone to meet up yet 

I have a feeling I would rock his world and make him feel great 

I think he would maybe see sex differently and gain back his ego and his confidence that he lost to a  cheating bitch that took it from him 

I don’t know why this situation intrigues me so much but I guess I want to feel like I saved him 

My profession is helping people and maybe my pussy can help him out. Andre is a Puerto Rican guy and he’s sexy as hell. He’s light skinned and could pass for a white guy( mommy would approve) not like that matters really, especially if I’m gonna just have my way with him. It seems like messing with Andre could steer me away from my main goal of celibacy- but this is an emergency situation and he seems to need help. He sent me a photo of his hard cock and my mouth watered like a dog that was very thirsty. I want to feel his cock inside my walls and he claims he’s dominant so it would be interesting to see what he does to turn me on. Another plus is the fact he said he’d pay for the hotel rooms for our romps together which I am definitely not opposed to. We were suppose to meet on Saturday night but something came up at home so we are planning another time to meet. I hope it soon- cause He also said he goes in on the pussy and it would be amazing to get some oral- since all the black/Spanish guys I’ve dealt with don’t do it