haven’t blogged in a while 

Guess I’m doing a little soul searching

Sick and tired of feeling used 

And using guys

So taking a break from dating and hooking up for a while

I didn’t like the road I was going down

Needed to slow down 

And not self destruct

I want to find a guy who’s worthy 

One I can wait to have sex with someone who wants Me for me and not just for the pussy I have between my legs 

I love sex 

But I think it’s time to hold off for the one who is going to be the one I want for a while

Flings and hooking up is my past 

And I want more 

So I am on the path to recovery

Searching within myself to get stronger

Fight these temptations that I have just to call up Don or even hook up with Monster when he’s in town.

I do however miss someone but I know it won’t get to the point where we could want and need each other more then just as sex buddies. 

Tyrone is always on my mind but he is like the others just a fuck buddy 

I no longer want to play second string to a guy 

I only wanna be number 1

So until I find that

I will remain alone

Working on Me and fixing my situation

Patiently waiting for my turn up at bat and actually taking the win all the way home…. 

I wanna play for keeps 

Or at least make it past 2 months 

So time to heal and work on meim gonna stop looking 

And let love find me