So I deleted the numbers of the guys I said I would but then I receive an email today from Monster with his new number in it! 

It’s a sign to keep his big black dick around for a little bit longer

I know I won’t see him until prob December but that’s okay

He can be my occasional guy I fuck until I find me some new play things to play with

I thought I turned over a new leaf since I haven’t had sex in about a month or so but I’m horny as ever and want to just fuck

I have a date tomorrow with an old boss I used to work for

I kinda always had a thing for him even though he’s not that attractive but I like his personality I guess

So I guess we will see how the night goes- I know alcohol will be involved so I wonder if we will fuck or not-

I’m planning on hanging out with 22, on Saturday so if Friday doesn’t work out- which I think I won’t fuck Friday guy- I’ll deff be having some fun with 22. 

He’s the forbidden fruit

The 22 year old guy I was hesitant about fucking in one of my orevious posts

He says he loves to lick pussy and I won’t object to that

Guess I’ll see whether or not that’s the truth

I miss Tyrone though we text pretty much everyday and most often about naughty things we want to do to each other but it sucks cause I want him now 

Debating if I wanna make the hour and a half drive up to see him just to fuck him and have him fuck my brains out for one night to go back home and not see him for another week or weeks more

I don’t usually get attached to dudes but once I start not having sex anymore it makes me miss the dicks I had in between my legs and in my mouth

I talked to Monster the other day and he said he’s going to try and see me one of these days- but his work schedule is terrible- why do I always go for the guys who live far away or who are set on active duty with the military 

Maybe it’s a sign to stop fucking military guys 

I would’ve thought my ex husband was a sign to stop dating military guys

But I like what I like