So planning to meet a possible new fuck buddy 

He claims he likes to be dominant and he’s into doing freaky things 

Now to test him out and see what he’s like

Needed some more dudes in my life

Staying dry as fuck really ain’t cool

Dating ain’t for me right now 

So I wanna explore what is out there 

Maybe having new guys added to my occasional fucks will teach me new ways of enjoying sex 

And my body 

So hoping Saturday gets here quickly cause I want to have this new guys dick in my mouth

Might be a possible three way also

With two younger guys…. 

I was told to bring my sex toys and we will use them 

He also wants to fuck me in the ass

Which I’m sorta opposed to in a way but if we fuck around for a while anal will be worth it

For some reason anal to me is sacred not every guy can poke me there

Which should probably be the way with my pussy but oh well 

So going to get ass fucked and pussy fucked hopefully at the same time— 

Be a first for me-

The other three ways consisted of me being face fucked And pounded in my pussy

Kinda excited about the idea of double penetration in that way as if it’s a porno 

Really hot to think about

Pussy is pulsating a bit just imagining what will happen… 

Probably opening up Pandora’s box adding these other guys to the mix and adding to the extreme needs and wants of my addiction but I guess I gotta get it out the way before I get help 

And it’s gone forever 

I will update you guys on what happens