So it’s weird Enrique was texting me the last two days asking if I had my daughter or not 

Yes I have her 

No I’m not dropping her to her dad

I can’t find a guy who is willing to just hang out every other weekend because I’m a mom full time and a student full time

He definitely wasn’t for me if he ends it after I say I have my daughter for the weekend

I’m sorry I take care of my child and don’t just pawn her off on her dad to go out on the weekends

In sorry you aren’t man enough to realize that I am a mom first before anything and I take care of her by myself full time

I’m sorry you have no patience and cant wait to see me next weekend when I’m available 

It’s annoying

 he seemed cool but seems dudes lately have been all the same

That’s why I gave up on dating

Not wasting time on these loser guys who want me to change me for them

And choose going out versus taking care of my daughter

Enrique wasn’t in the cards I suppose and I’m okay with that

I’m just wondering now how many new sex toys I need to buy since my little list of fucks are diminished now

Tyrone is leaving for a month for military training 

While monster is away and won’t be in Philly till November 

Don is annoying me and I don’t wanna restart that just to get dick 

So that leaves me with 0 guys left for me to play with

So I need to stock up on toys 

Maybe this is Gods sign to calm Down my problem 

so maybe I won’t need to get counseling 

I can just do it myself 

Guess I’ll see what happens next