I wonder what you think of me as I stand there quietly 

Do you see an innocent girl keeping to herself or a woman wondering why sHe is there 

Do you glance at me from afar and wonder   who I am

As I glance at you from afar and wonder who I’d be with you

I wonder if you can read me

Can you see my soul 

and although I come off crude and raunchy

I am a woman who needs and longs for love but found it in all the wrong places

Do you see confidence 

Do you see beauty 

What do you see as you see me in the hall

I see mystery

I see wonder

I see your arms wrapped around me tightly

As you kiss and caress my body

I see a flAsh of hope 

That maybe a real decent man exists

I wonder if it is real 

That dreams can come true

And something I hadn’t planned or expected can happen, too

I want to get to know you more so I no longer need to wonder

I no longer need to glance from afar

I can feel your arms around me

Feel you holding me tightly 

Feel you caressing every inch of my body 

I no longer want to wonder and have this mystery about who you are

What you like 

What makes you angry or happy or sad

I want to know you and I want you

Now to make this happen

Make you mine

So you can always think of me 

Like I’ve been thinking of you.