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Hot Infantry Veteran. 

So update on the hot Veteran at my job….

He came and talked to me today after weeks of saying hi and staring at me from afar

So I was working on some stuff for an activity we were setting up for and he came over and just started chatting me up.

Then he properly asked me out on a date- a real date

Not the usual hey do you wanna hang out some time? 

That I usually get from these guys who aren’t really men 

So we ended up also talking at our lunch together and I agreed on the date

Well it’s just a date guess it doesn’t have to be more

I kinda don’t wanna scare this guy away

I do have to work at this place until February so I really don’t want things getting awkward while I’m there. 

So I have to minimize the sex talk and try not to unleash my inner freak which tends to come out which then scares the guys away. 

So I will update you guys after my date Saturday. 

I’m hoping I can control my freak side so I can appear somewhat normal to this guy so it can go further than just one date. 



I write about sex, sex and more sex and sometimes my failed attempts at relationships. These are true life stories of what sexcapades I have had in my life. I also write about my search for love an a relationship.

One thought on “Hot Infantry Veteran. 

  1. Hope the date goes really well.
    You are an amazing person. You are strong, and worthy.
    Allow yourself to soak in that, and to hear the words from this hot Vet’s mouth and then watch his actions. Allow yourself to measure if they line up.
    And if so, go on another date.
    And then maybe, another.
    Can’t wait to hear back.

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