Kinda shocked that I have at least 20 followers- and feeling kinda proud that people wanna read about my sexcapades and failed attempts at relationships.


So I’m trying to figure out how to nicely get rid of Don in my life- like he can’t take the hint that I am always busy.

 I’m a busy woman, a full time mom, and a grad student who is establishing herself so she can have a stable future.

plus I am bored with the usual night time meetings and always giving head in the back of a car. 

It’s weird when I want it I want it but when it’s when a guy wants it, 

it rubs me the wrong way and I am hesitant to want to give it up. 
Who is he to call the shots? 

I’m the one with the pussy 


I’m catching on to his game- 

Or maybe for the fact I have others like Monster or Tyrone occasionally banging me out I no longer need the repetitive bs that me and Don have.

I wonder why I need to have this control? 

Wondering if it all stems from my addiction? 

Do addicts especially Sex addicts need to be in control? 

Maybe it’s not even about control maybe it’s the fact that I’m sick of being used. 

(Even though Don is in this weirdo world that he thinks he’s my bf- I feel like I’m being used)

How convenient to text me today and call me randomly, when you haven’t called me in the whole almost three years we have been friends/talking!!!

I see a missed call from him on my phone( that’s odd so I text back) me: what’s up I’m in school


I miss my baby he replies. 
Ummm…. okay yea whatever. Thinking in the back of my head- he must need his dick sucked

I lie and say I can’t talk right now and mention maybe doing dinner 

How about 6pm? I say. 

Nah I can’t, the traffic and all this bs- 8pm will work better he texts back. 

I text back I gotta see about a sitter that late- not sure I have one- only had one earlier. Then I stop texting him.

So when he says he wants to make the time I’m supposed to just hop on it? 

Nah dude not me anymore. I don’t need to have him in my life and need to have him saying when things go

yea I see how this shit goes- he plays this shit every time 

Would’ve been dejavu for me- he does this every time- 

(He sounds like what my teenage niece calls a fuckboi)

Pushes the time further back-

Plans to meet for dinner and he ends up eating, 

he says he’s sorry for eating, 

and then we end up stopping at a gas station 

where he buys condoms, 


and water 

then we drive to our “spot” 

Which in reality isn’t our spot because I actually take other dudes there to fuck them- 

(The last time I fucked Monster in his car we were there- in your face Don- monster has a bigger cock)

but whatever he can have that dream of us having something only for us

That dream with his dream of us actually being a couple which is hilarious to me. 

I’m at the point where I’m just like I hope he gets the hint and just stops bugging me- maybe loses my number for good. 

I mean it’s just annoying to me. 

So how do you get rid of a guy who you’ve been trying to get rid of for quite a few years now? I 

need some advice, maybe I don’t wanna be harsh, maybe I should just say I’m not a relationship type of girl and I have to end it- 

although I recall being down this road before with him and he fights to keep me and we end up just being fwb and everything gets okay for a bit then things get awkward all over again. 

Damn I make things complicated. 

Followers any thoughts on how to gently brush a guy off and ending a  so-called relationship that I really don’t want to take part in?  Any advice would be helpful. 

Thanks guys. 

I’ll have an update on Tyrone possibly Friday- I’m supposed to meet up with him then. 

And I have a real date with a hopefully normal new guy on Saturday- his name is Tank. 

I’ll update you guys on him later. Guess I didn’t totally give up on dating and trying to find “the one”. 

All hope is not lost for me.