So Don still messages me every few days and he messages me on Friday night like midnight ish. 

Yea you know what that means when a dude is texting you that late- he wants his dick sucked (booty call). 

He texts me he misses me

And I respond with why? 

Why would he miss me, 

he barely texts never calls me and the last time we hung out I peeped over at his phone and saw another females name in his messages- (a slutty looking female from Facebook)

I know for sure he ain’t loyal and he has girls on the side 

So why should I feel special 

So you miss me

Boo hoo 

You only miss your dick in my mouth 

Nothing else I’m sure

If u are into a female you let it be known 

You text and call her no matter what 

Even if you think she’s busy with school work and things like that

I’m sick of dudes with excuses

I want a guy to want me and not have an excuse to call me

Be better to see a missed call on my phone rather than no call at all

Guys need to work a little harder these days

And take your girl out too! 

Nothing wrong with actually going out on a real date! 

Ask the female out to a restaurant or even a movie no matter how cliche that may be

Some females would prefer that over meeting in your car to give you a bj or to do doggy in the back of a dark building

Maybe I am wrong in the fact that I allowed it to get to this point where all I do with a guy is meet up chill and fuck 

But I want more

I want to be asked out on a real date 

When you have to tell the guy you want them to take you on a date- there’s something wrong there- yea I told Don that 

Be taken out to an actual dinner 

Be treated how a woman should by a man 

And not have a million excuses to why we can’t go on a date 

Or go out at a reasonable time of day

I’m sick of just feeling like I’m the nut you are busting and that’s it

I’m worth more than that

Although at times I want to be that sex freak and sex revolves around my life- I want the sex but I also want the excitement of actual dates and going out with the guy I’m into. 

Is it too much to ask for? 

Seems like we live in a society that’s full of booty calls and no strings attached- no one wants to work to impress the opposite sex anymore.

 No one wants to actually treat a woman with respect and take them on a real life date. 

Car sex and dark alley meetings is what guys these days want and look forward to- 

but this female right here is waking up and deciding this is no longer what I want. 

I deserve more.

 I deserve better. 

Rant over