So recently a guy has been flirting with me and giving me some attention which I like. He’s a nerdy type of guy and nothing like the usual type I go for other than the fact he’s black. 

I met up with him over the weekend at a party and we had a pretty interesting conversation bout random stuff like music and the Military- but I felt like something was off- I thought he was at least 25-26 but by the way he was talking about how Drake is the greatest entertainer and other things like that…. I wondered in the back of my mind if in fact this guy was way younger. 

And so I brought it up in convo again just so I can make sure he was of age if my intentions were to do anything more than just converse. 

He responds with 22….

22 wtf that’s so young

I am literally 11 years older than this guy- let me rephrase this kid. 

This guy is a kid to me

If I had any intentions of banging him they all flew out the window when he told me his true age. 

I was like damn 

I love sex and all but I just can’t 

That’s way too young

That’s as if I was banging one of my nephews friends 

My nephew is around this kids age. 

My sex addict freak persona was all in for the sex with him

But the mature me had to step in just this once and realize I can’t make that mistake 

I know I must feel special or hot or whatever cause I can bring in some young guys but in reality I don’t want to bang this 22 year old and then make the mistake of being the best head he ever had in his entire life

then he becomes addicted and maybe even a little obsessed with me. 

So to avoid all the drama that could unfold if I was to give my pussy away to this kid- I will not. 

I ended it at that 

all we had was some conversation about a rapper I cant stand and would rather claw out my own eyes to listen to. 

Guess you can’t have it all- I’m sure the Sex would’ve been interesting but I can’t get over the age factor. 

Maybe I’m wrong to not pounce at this chance to add this new guy to my list of conquests but I honestly would feel bad about it so I refuse to stoop that low. 

Never stooping  low again- learned my lesson from  my encounter with Anthony and will never do that again. Read: (FriendZoned)