So I met Tim on a dating site-

Hey don’t judge me

It was my first time exploring dating sites and figured what the hell let me try it out

So we started talking through the site and he seemed half decent so we planned a date to meet

I chose a local restaurant bar that was in my neighborhood- so I’d be closer to home if he was a wacko 

We met at the place and we hugged at our first meeting 

We had talked on the phone previously and that helped break the ice a bit 

So when we met it wasn’t as awakward

It was like meeting a friend 

We talked a lot 

I had some food 

Had a few drinks 

Then we decided to go to the park and feed the ducks

It was nice 

A date where I didn’t put out on the first time together 

I was so proud of myself

Or maybe I didn’t put out because he really wasn’t the ideal guy or usual guy I went after

He was a tall somewhat stocky white guy

First white guy in a long time for me

So we went on a date and kept texting

He came from Jersey to visit me often and we went on quite a few dates after that

We ended up going on a road trip to Mount Joy, PA and just chilled at a B&B there. 

This was the first time we were able to hang out and possibly hook up outside of a car setting which we had previously been doing after our dinner dates

So I figured it has been about 2 months I was ready to get some penetration in my life…

I was totally wrong about that.

So we show up to the B&B and it’s awkward as hell

It’s inside a woman’s home and there were other couples there

Even a couple with their two boys

How the fuck will I fuck in this house?

 I’m too loud and everyone in this house will hear me- which would be so embarrassing.

So i tried to make some moves on Tim- but he kept swatting me away and didn’t want to fuck 

Really dude it was two months we were together that’s enough time I thought to get down

I keep attempting to get him aroused and he barely got up

Wtf was I off my game or something cause usually guys get hard and very aroused when I start playing with them

I even started sucking his average white man size cock to help persuade him that I was ready to go…… and nothing

By this point im irritated and pissed off 

So I go in the bathroom to just cool off plus I decided I was going to take a bath in the huge whirlpool tub

In the tub I fingered the shit out of myself to get me off since apparently this dude couldn’t and wouldn’t get me off

I remember I packed a naughty 2 piece lingerie set to help spice it up 

I don’t usually do the lingerie thing but for him I bought it cause I wanted to get fucked

So I put it on and it looked great on me 

There’s no way he could turn me down now

So I walk out the bathroom and he sees me he gets aroused 

but he still doesn’t want to fuck

He just goes down on me and licks my pussy 

I sorta get off cause the head was pretty good and I figured that’s the only thing I’m getting so I better enjoy that shit 

He’s down there for like 20 mins going in 

So it helped satisfy my need of some type of penetration 

The following times we go to hotels to just chill he’s the same way

He doesn’t want to have sex

He just wants to make out and go down on me or do 69 


I need penetration! 

We were at the hotel and I did the same thing

I straddled him and he rose but he said he wasn’t ready to have sex yet

Maybe I’m too agressive or maybe he was a bit taken back because I did say he was the first white guy I really had so maybe he felt like he couldn’t satisfy me like black guys could but I didn’t care I just wanted him to try.,,,, but nope

I got head, some fingering which I could’ve done myself and some kissing  which was subpar 

He even had the audacity to actually lift me off of him when I tried to straddle him

By this last time I was at the point where I knew it was the end

It was weird he didn’t want to have sex

He also had some crazy fantasies he wanted to do with me which I wasn’t down for

He mentioned that it would turn him on if I peed on him 

Wtf! Dude that’s sick! 

He also liked me to belittle him, 

call him names and slap him around.

 I was intrigued and actually did a little of those things besides the peeing, but it didn’t last.

I wanted him to throw me on the bed and ravage me like a beast but he wanted to be the one who was ravaged- 

so we didn’t have the same sexual chemistry or desires

I ended up breaking it off with him and telling him to have a good life

I wasn’t the girl for him.