So in the last excerpt I told you about Bob. So we were good for a few months and he started pushing me away. I shouldn’t have to make someone want to be with me. He tells me he’s not ready to commit and he’s not emotionally ready. These dudes are unbelievable- how do I keep getting the damaged afraid to commit guys who have been cheated on in the past. I have no damn luck with men. So supposedly this time around Bob has to go away for three months to rehab- he tells me the last time we hang out I won’t see or hear from him for three months- but I can’t call, text or even write him. I got all hung up on him for no reason. Questioning if this was another tactic to push me away or he actually went to rehab- I think I’m taking it slow with the next ones- wish I didn’t fall so fast and hard for guys- haven’t heard from him for over a month now- since I messaged him on Facebook to send me his address where he’s staying and he brushed me off and said I am smothering him. So I’m wrong when I just wanna fuck guys with no feelings but when I care about a guy in wrong again. Fuck you emotionally scarred dumbasses. Push me away you prob just pushed away your future wife or ex wife biotch