So I tried to limit my finger fucking and was actually going to try and get rid of it altogether. 

Fat chance. 

If I am going to minimize my Sex and fucking I can’t get rid of that too 

So the finger fucking myself is staying 

It helps me relieve tensions of the day 

Especially for the fact I’m holding back asking the sexy Infantry Veteran at my job out on a “date” 

Which would most likely lead to me sucking his dick or getting banged in his or my car

So I will stick to pleasuring myself for now 

And maybe even invest in some really good toys to keep busy 

Until I control this hunger I have for having a dick inside me 24/7

On my list of goodies that I want to buy are anal beads, a rabbit vibrator and a dildo with a suction cup so I can put it anywhere- maybe ride the shit out of it as I play with my clit. I even was interested in getting a butt plug- I always thought the ones that look like animal tails are interesting. 

So there’s my list- now to get them and start controlling this habit. 

I’m kinda hoping to plan another night of passion with Tyrone within the next couple days- if not him- then Don. I just need some dick. I guess I can’t go through total withdrawal and plus me and Don have known each other for years and years- so it just makes the most sense to fuck him. 

I’ll keep you guys posted on who I fuck this weekend- hopefully who I really want to. 

But we will see. 

If it’s no one at all- it’ll definitely be me and my clit kisser working its magic accompanied by some Lex Steel and Pornhub.