So in between the time me and Don stopped talking, I went out on a few dates with my older brothers friend, we will call him Bob. Bob was way different then the usual guys I go for, the main characteristic that was so different was that he was white. He was like my very first white guy with dating, and my first white guy to have sexually. My brother has been friends with Bob for a few years since they used to work together at Pepsi. Bob would always come over and drink beers with my brother, while I just chilled with my brothers girlfriend and had a few drinks with them. I never really was attracted to Bob,  he wasnt my type, not the guy I would go for, but something about what i felt for him changed over the years.

One night we were all hanging out and I got totally obliterated drunk… I tend to have a lot of drunken nights, and memories, probably will share quite a few stories with you guys on here about  my wild nights… but ill save that for another time.. anyway we were drinking and having a good time. I was drunk, wobbling and throwing myself at Bob. I tend to get really flirty/grabby/ sorta slutty when I am around guys and I am drunk. So we ended up just flirting and adding each other on facebook that night. The next day my nephew came up to me and said do you remember anything from last night….? Im like no, why? he said you were talking about how much porn you watch and how you love to watch porn and all this other crazy stuff, im sure I scarred my nephew for life. I was like omg… i tend to say a lot about sex, and masturbating, and porn when im in my drunken mode… My nephew also told me i was throwing myself at Bob and he thinks Bob was terrified of me, he looked sorta scared the whole night… but i guess im too wild for him.. haha all that black dick ive had in the past.. made me wild,. idk or im just a freak..  well anyways.. surprisingly one day me and Bob were messaging each other on Facebook- there we go with that Facebook again… lol guess it has its perks afterall.. although one of my worst breakups was because of Facebook, which I will get to in a later blog.

So Bob and I exchanged phone numbers, and started to talk on the phone. Its funny we had some long convos, and we both sounded nervous.. i dont know why he would be nervous.. but i was nervous cause i wasnt sure if he would act differently then the guys i usually go for, and wasnt sure if we would click when were sober like we had when we were both drinking. So the convos were long, and funny, well so he thought, his jokes were a bit lame, but it was cute that he tried. That gained him points in my book, that he tried with his lame ass non laughable jokes. So he asked me out on our first date, we ended up going to get pizza and a few beers, well he had beer I had wine. Sometimes i can be a fancy sophisticated drunk.. haha. So we talked, and laughed, i was nervous, he made me super nervous, drank some wine, felt a little better, less nervous, and then we left. we ended up just talking some more in his car. I went home happy, he was way different then anything I had encountered before, he really was a gentleman. he opened up the car door for me, opened up the doors, and pulled out my chair, and he ended all that with paying for the date. I have had dates where the guys had me pay, or wanted to go halves.. like really, not for the first date.. thats lame, cheapasses.

So we ended up talking on the phone more, and went out on a couple more dates, seemed like things were going well, until i got the “talk”. I dont want a relationship talk, but we can do friends with benefits if you want. What really, i mean the sex was good, but i wanted to be over with that FWB crap.. im getting too old  for that stuff, that stuff of sleeping alone is getting old too quick. So i agreed we can try the FWB, but that slwoly fizzled, I stopped texting, and we barely talked on the phone anymore after that.. I really felt like we could have gone some where but I cant force someone to want a relationship, he would be perfect, he cant have kids, and i dont want anymore kids, so it wouldve been a guarentee i wouldnt have anymore.. we wouldve been so great for each other.. lol. So it ended with him brushing me off, cancelling on a date we had planned. The excuse he gave me was so off the wall, like dude really just be honest with me, id rather have honesty then this bull shit youre throwing at me. So his excuse was that his family was giving him an intervention for his drinking problem, that he supposedly had. So you are gonna break a date with me because of this, dude really, walk away, and get your ass out the door. it didnt make any sense, knew it was all bull shit. So i just played along and said ok well get better, get healed from the drinking problem you have. I knew it was just a way to end things with me, or atleaset a way to avoid going out with me. So he texts me a few days later explaining how his mom is also sick and how he has to care for her, ok dude do you, im gonna do me, dudes dont bring me down.

I got too much to look forward to in life, to be worried about a dude and whether he wants to date me or not. Although it hurt a little for a brief moment, i knew ill move on and i can do better, then a dude who makes shit up to avoid seeing me. So i am still friends with him on FB and i see all his posts, of his drunken nights, like dude, you are really doing great with that intervention, it has really helped you in life. He still texts me once in a while, seeing whats up with me, and briefly saying whats going on with him. I tell him im doing great, which i am, i am focusing on getting my life right and staying on track. I have started the gym, and I am working towards getting that body i always wanted, im in school and working my ass off to get that degree. Nothing more to say after that. Not gonna be your once in a while FWB, suck your dick and thats it kinda girl.