So thinking back to my early days in the military, I remember I had just left home for first time ever and it was the first time in 6 years I had been away from my steady boyfriend Leon. 

So I go away and I am training in Fort Jackson, SC and I get to the point where being around all these guys had me to the point where I just wanted to fuck them all. It wasn’t even like the guys were that attractive- because some of them weren’t- but it was due to the fact I hadn’t had sex in two months when I used to have it every other day and sometimes everyday, numerous times a day. So there I am, watching the Drill Sgt bending over in front of me, he had a nice ass, very toned and tight, he took really good care of himself. Then he’d get down and show us how to do push ups, I loved watching his muscles bulge as his arms pushed up and down. He had me to the point my pussy was pulsating. I needed dick and I need it fast. 

I remember having to finger myself often during basic training, and some times actually fingering myself on my bunk in a room full of about 16 other women. I didn’t care, I needed the release, I was so horny, probably the horniest I’ve ever been in my life. 

I noticed a pattern, if I didn’t get sex everyday or at least a few times a month- then I’d go insane. My pussy would throb and everything and anyone would make me very aroused. Maybe the military was the cause of my addiction, or at least factored into the reason behind it. 

Well anyway, so everyday I’m out there training and getting aroused And needing to rush back to the barracks to take care of myself. 

Then I move on to AIT( Advanced Individual Training- for all you civilians. I go there and I have a crush on this Puerto Rican guy named Hernandez. We sorta date and are considered AIT bf/gf, even though we both had people at home waiting for us. So we start out just going to the bowling alley for our dates and hanging out, and one day we get a pass to go off base. I decide yea here’s my chance to be alone with him. So I get a hotel room for the night. My plan was for me and my friend to get rooms side by side so we can hang out with our army bfs there, but I ended up being there myself. 

There was a group of us going out, it was me and Johnson (female) and about  7 males including our crushes. 

We decided we’re gonna stop and get some liquor and just chill for a bit then take a cab to the other hotels- there were many hotel parties that night. 

So I drink and drink some more, and I get to the point where I’m pretty fucked up. I remember staggering as I walked and flirting heavily with my crush all night. 

I remember being in the cab to go to a hotel party and making out with Hernandez in the back of the cab while one of our buddies recorded it. I was a hot mess. So we get to the other hotel, and I somehow lose my crush as I staggered through the hallways looking for anyone that I recognized. 

At one point I get taken by the hand and led into one of the hotel rooms. I’m like wtf what’s going on here. The guy leads me in the room and he sits on the bed. I was like wait this ain’t happening. I wasn’t about to have Sex with this guy- he was my platoon leader and I really wasn’t into him like that. I saw another guy that I was attracted to in the hallway, and I would’ve totally fucked him but he wasn’t  interested. 

Maybe he saw how obliterated I was and knew better to mess with me. I don’t know but I was glad I got out of that situation quickly. But soon after I left that situation, I remember walking into another hotel room that I knew a few people at and saw this really fine black guy. I didn’t find out his name until after our encounter but oooh boy. So we chat it up, and we end up going into the bathroom. We start tongue kissing and he pulls off my shirt, starts licking my tits and sucking on them as he groped and fondled me all over. Omg I can’t believe what I’m about to do. I barely know this guy. I didn’t even know his name. I know I’ve seen him around but didn’t know him, know him. So he continues licking and sucking on my tits and then I drop to my knees, pull out his massive cock and go to town on it. This was only the second guy I’ve ever did these types of things with. I felt dirty but in a sexy kind of way. I felt like a bad girl, a naughty girl. I sucked and nibbled and licked him all over, I gagged and kept on sucking. Then he pulled down my pants and slipped his hard dick in me doggystyle. I let out a loud moan that I’m sure everyone in the room heard and he started banging me harder and harder over the tub. Then on the sink and on the toilet. Bodies slapping, slippery wet, screams and pleasure was all you could hear. Everyone definitely heard me. We are in the bathroom for like 30 mins fucking and it was so good, I wish there was a second time but after that it was over. He zipped up I got dressed and we parted ways. He left the bathroom first then I did. Once I left out, the stares started and the snickering. Oh well I just got fucked in a bathroom- no big deal. Haters will always hate. So just as I’m walking out the hotel room, I bump into my crush. Oh shit, I hope he doesn’t find out I just banged some random guy in that room before meeting up with him. Nothing was said and we planned as a group to head to a strip club.

 I didn’t care plus I kinda have a thing for hot girls so I said let’s go. I was already horny as fuck since I just had my pussy tore up by some long, thick black dick, so let me see some naked bitches to push me over my edge and be ready to fuck my crush. So we watch the girls dance and they are showing me a lot of attention. These bitches are sexy and like nothing I’ve seen before. They were on the ceiling twirling and shit. I was soaked by the time I left to get back in the cab with the guys. So we all head back to the room. The other guys were also drunk and had nowhere to sleep so I said they could stay in my room- sleep on the floor or something, which they did. 

There were a few guys, one at the door, on the foot of the bed, on the right and left side of the bed. And a guy sleeping on the chair in the room. As for me , I had the bed and my crush came up in the bed with me. That was a huge mistake. We started fooling around, making out, he starts groping and fondling, and then he goes down on me.

 I couldn’t mention I just fucked someone so I let him go down. It was amazing head, and I moaned and tried to be quiet as he licked me so good. I kinda forgot we had people in the room, and a part of me actually enjoyed the fact that they were there to hear. It turned me on more. So he’s licking away, and then he puts on a condom and sticks it in. 

Eh it wasn’t the best sex I’ve had, and his cock was a lot smaller then the last guy I wAs just with about an hour ago, but it was subpar- and hey at least I got some great head out of the deal.

 So we’re fucking for what seems like all night- and as I’m riding him in the bed- I see one of the guys get up and leave the room to go outside- I guess he had enough of listening to us fuck each other. We both cum and we pass out. 

The next morning i have a bad headache and I am spinning. We get a call that we are due back at the base and we need to hurry up. So I look around for my clothes, which apparently were thrown around on the floor where the guys were sleeping. I had to pull my bra off of a guy who lay on his belly on the floor and my crush helped me get the rest of my clothes.

Omg I can’t believe I fucked with all these people in the room, and I can’t believe I fucked two guys in one night.

 I was embarrassed and felt funny. My crush later found out at the barracks I had fucked that dude in the bathroom before fucking him and he was pissed at me.

 He shouldn’t of been though since we both were cheating on our significant others anyway, we weren’t serious and weren’t going to be. 

Or maybe he’s pissed cause he ate my pussy that an hour or so before had a huge black dick in it. I don’t know and I will never understand it but I know that, that night is one I would never forget. 

That was the beginning point where I knew their were other dicks out there besides my bf of 6 years- and I was ready to explore them.

 I wanted to explore all shapes and sizes, and I have had the pleasure of conquering many dicks that brought me pleasure and some that had me regretting and some I had to fake orgasms to boost the guys ego- because hey, I’m just that nice.