So not sure Tyrone will be in any more blogs for a while- we hooked up twice and both times were amazing! 

But we are living two totally different lives and are both very busy people trying to better ourselves through educational goals and employment goals.

 We text and talk on the phone still- but I noticed in the last week- it’s been minimized Extremely since the moment we first starting conversing.

 Well hey that’s life I guess- people have things to do. I can’t have his dick in between my thighs all day everyday. Although if given the chance- I would! 

Anyway maybe it’s a good thing since I’m going to be getting help and all to minimize our time together-

 although I don’t mind having a few more good fucks sessions with him before the drs fix me and maybe help me become celibate instead. 

The sex with him was so amazing! He seriously made the list and surpassed my #1 pick who was #1 for a while. 

So I’ll Stay in touch with him and keep him around. And hey if this counseling falls through I’ll deff need something to help me out. 

Damn as I sit here thinking about him and the way he can swing dick- 

My pussy pulsates a bit

And I’m getting moist 

Wow. Yea he said I’d get addicted

And he may have been right

The way he stroked

The way he choked me

Caressed by body

Fingered me

The way I rode his dick on top to the point I squirted all over him

Oh man…..

Now I’m gonna have to handle this and touch myself tonight thinking about this sexy guy. 

Tomorrow I will attempt to behave

No masturbatibg

No porn

No throbbing pussy

No dirty talk or thinking dirty 

No undressing hot veteran at my job with my eyes and imagining how big is package is and wondering if he could pick me up with his muscles and fuck me like that 

I can always see a nice size bulge in his khaki pants that he wears- so I know he probably has a nice size cock that I would love to devour. 

No more getting horny off of random things

And being uncomfortably horny, aroused and wet at times when I shouldn’t be. 

Tomorrow is the start of a new day- a new me- now to see if i can do this stuff- wish me luck guys- 

I Will give updates.
As for tonight.. I will dream about Tyrone and imagine he’s going deep in my pussy as I finger myself hard and go to sleep. 

I seem to need to do that or I can’t sleep correctly.

Masturbation is actually good for you. So I’ve heard anyway. 

But tomorrow it will cease to exist for me.