So I decided to make my second step to getting help-

Feeling embarrassed as hell due to the fact I have an addiction to sex 

I call a mental health facility to inquiry about services.

I think the woman on the phone could tell I was unsure about it and she encouraged me to seek and follow through with getting the help I need.

So she says honey take care of you, this is your time to take care of you. And I believe she is correct- thinking about it now I wondered why the hell I never got to this point in my life where I wanted to seek help for my problem. 

I mentioned it to a few people and I received all the same responses

It’s normal

There’s nothing wrong

It’s a great thing you love sex

Everyone loves sex and you don’t need to see anybody for it.

Then I look at the types of people who said it’s normal and I’m okay to be this way and it opens my eyes to why thy say those things

Most likely just want a chance for me to let my guard down so they can have their chance with me. Not actually caring about me as a person and helping me combat these demons that I have which I struggle with on a daily basis. 

I struggle with the fact that at any moment I can give in to my need and jut decide to fuck the hot veteran who works at my job. 

Or go through with attending sex parties to explore that lifestyle.

Or even have my first lesbian experience that I’ve been so curious of for years. 

So I had decided I will go to my first counseling session once it is scheduled and see how they can fix me and maybe rewire my thinking when it comes to sex and my carelessness of my body, mind and well being when it comes to sex and dick.