So it’s Saturday night 

And I’m lying here naked

All alone

No friend to pleasure me tonight

No hard cock in between my thighs

No heavy breathing 

Bodies slapping


Dick licking and sucking for me tonight

As I lay here and think back to the time of my little black book

I remember the guys I texted/called for booty calls

Miss those days of not needing to be alone on a Saturday without a throbbing hard black dick inside me

I no longer have this black book

Honestly a lot of guys in that book moved on and married or are in serious relationships 

I’m not one to break up relationships so I back away 

So here I am 

On a Saturday night

No penetration for me

No cumming

No squirting 

No hot sex that makes my body weak

No waking up to legs that are still wobbly from the night before

No kinky sex

Tonight I will pay attention to my body

My hand will slowly creep all over my body

As just a tickle

To stimulate my senses

Goosebumps will form as I graze my smooth white skin ever so lightly 

I will find new ways to excite myself

See what I enjoy alone 

Finger fucking myself and maybe even fucking myself in my ass

To get more stimulated 

My hands will be all over my body as I imagine Tyrone is here caressing and fondling me

I will let out a moan

My toes will crack 

And my body will shiver

I’ll thrust into my fingers as I fuck myself so I can sleep 

And I will wait for the next time I see my friend so he can give me a pounding and punishment I am yearning for.

I lay naked and alone tonight

But I will find new ways to get off