So tonight is another night I’m meeting up with my new friend and I am very excited. 

In preparation for tonight I made a to do list;

  1. Shave legs, under arms, and shave that pussy.
  2. Lather lotion all over my body so I feel incredibly soft and smooth. 
  3. Spray some sweet scented perfume on me so I smell delicious. 
  4. Do a few stretches to prepare for tonight/ not sure how crazy we may get.
  5. Pick out a cute outfit to wear to arouse his interest more. 
  6. Make a list of feel good/sexy, get it get it songs. 

So now I am prepared and very stimulated as I wait for his arrival. I get juicy as I imagine what will occur in just an hour or so. 

I’m ready to get my mind stimulated and my body pleased on every way possible.