Might be throwing in the towel without even trying

Too annoyed by the situation 

Don’t trust dudes for one 

So not even sure he’s faithful to me 

He said we’re in a relationship but I feel like a single woman

I am single in my eyes so I’m gonna get fucked by who I want

To get fucked by

Sick of the repetitive bull shit 

Don’t see me for a month 

Barely text

Don’t call me on the phone 

But expects me to jump up and want to suck his dick when he tells me too

Glances at his phone

Looks at the watch 

No time or attention on me

Sick of it 

This is the end of the invisible relationship that we have

I moved on to other guys

Guys who make time for me

Guys who want conversation and friendship 

Over the not going out

Always driving to our dark spot to just give a blowjob 

Or get your finger in my ass 

Which many times is rough and needs lube. 

The towel is thrown

I’m out for the count

And not in the good way 

Time to make some changes in my life-