So I’ve decided I will seek counsel on my issue

Well I made the first step anyway

I emailed a counselor to inquire about services to help me with my addiction 

Now whether or not I will actually call them back to get the help will be the hard part for me

Probably the hardest part of all

I know when you can admit you are a sex addict or an addict to anything that is the first step to bettering your life and situation but a part of me kinda wants to see where else exploring news ways of sex can take me

I’ve always had a curiousity about sex clubs and sex parties 

and even being with a girl or at least one going down on me and it’s so hard to think that if I get help-

 I won’t be able to explore these other things that have been on my bucket list for a while. 

So now I ponder whether to make the decision to seek counsel or say fuck it and let me do these last couple things I haven’t tried then get the help I am looking for. 

Guess only time will tell what I decide to do. 

All I know is I’m horny as fuck at this moment and wish a hard cock was inside my push right now- 

kinda wish I had one of my guy friends to come up to see me and bang me out before bed- 

so I can actually sleep- 

My pussy is tingling just having thoughts of Pl3asure4U or even Monster or Don in between my thighs right now stroking their big dicks back and forth inside me. 

Guess it’s another night of fingering my self till I’m weak and fall asleep. 

#Forver alone