So after he came back to Philly for the remainder of his training we link up and go out to get drinks 

We get shit faced 

And it felt as if nothing changed between us 

It felt good again 

We took my car to get drinks and ended up driving in the back of s school where he hit me from behind outside against the back of my car

I wore a dress with no panties cause I knew he was going to fuck me 

I had to be ready

He put his monster cock in my pussy and I moaned and screamed 

With each thrust I grabbed the back of the car and the car was getting pushed back and forth 

I didn’t care that we were outside fucking

I loved every moment of it 

He felt incredible 

We get back into the car and go to his car which is parked in the armory parking lot 

We sit in there and attempt to watch a movie

But that wasn’t happening after he had already put it in 

So I pull my dress up and he starts lays on top of me

Digging his massive dick into my soaked pussy

In and out

Side to side 

Figure 8 

That shit

It’s hot 

It’s steaming up 

It’s risky cause we are parked in the armory where other people are staying for the night 

I moan 

And squeal 

And scream 

He tells me to be quiet and I get more turned on he can tell me what to do

He starts to hit it harder and faster

Sweat pouring 

Mouth gasping 





I cum all over myself like a faucet 

And I’m done 

I lay him down and suck and lick him until he cums all over my body 

And I slurp him up 

Devouring every inch of cum that’s left

We clean up and I’m still horny as he tells me he needs to go in to sleep since he’s a Staff Sergeant and he only has like 4 hours before formation 

I sigh and feel amazing


And wanting to go a few more rounds 

We go two more rounds and he finishes me off with a finger fuck 

Which pushed me over the edge 

I was done after our 6 rounds 

Of heavy breathing 

Bodies slapping


Deep fucking 

We kissed and parted ways until the next time- in his car watching a movie which I wrote about in another blog