So, I kept touch with Bill-yum over the past 3 years- I guess I’m just terrible with letting go of some exes. Especially ones who are well endowed in that area. Hee hee.

Anyway so we been texting and emailing and I even received a few phone calls catching up with him. Although I had a need and a want to both punch him in the face and throw my vagina on his face, I kept in touch.

  I just saw him about two weeks ago and all these feelings came back- we talked in my car as if we had seen each other years ago and it felt so natural- nothing was fake or forced. I vented to him my feelings and told him how I wanted to confront him face to face for a long time. I even mentioned the part where I wanted to punch him and he gave me permission to do so. But I didn’t. Guess I’m not a violent type, plus I healed and learned a lot from that experience.

So we sat in the car listened to music and that’s when he leaned over and kissed me. My heart skipped a few beats. Omg he still kissed the same and his lips were so juicy. Why the fuck did he just kiss me though? He kissed me and told me he would see me back in philly in a week- he would be back from training to train in philly a few more days before he leaves to go back home in Lancaster where he lives. As he leaves the car I’m in total shock and felt like he was a total tease cause at this point I’m soaked and horny- how could he just do that and leave to go back into the armory? As he walks away he says I misse you and your curves. And throws me a smile which just had me melt and get them butterflies. That week better be quick I thought to myself- I wanted him so badly.