So whenever I get with my girlfriends and we talk about sex

they question the number amount of sexual partners we had.

 I remember a couple years ago we had this convo and each one of my friends said their very small number. 

One friend said 2, other friend like 7, Other friend said 15 but had lied cause it was a different number at a different time- guess she didn’t want to tell the truth- I prepared myself to say my number which was like triple that of the other girls. 

Jaws dropped as i said 52- 

52 echoed in their minds

52, 53, 52

Damn how does anyone have time for 52 dicks? 

They were all shocked

But I was proud that I had explored life and my sexual side and had me 52 dicks 

In my pussy

My mouth 

And a special select few in my ass

52 was my number years ago

And I wouldn’t change that for nothing 

People may say wow that’s a lot but I want to actually live my life

If I want to fuck A guy

 I want to fuck them

I will do anything in my power to get them and fuck them. 

That was two years ago and years had passed by

I had gradually added to the number and had even made up a new mini list of guys to conquer sexually. 

The next time we play what’s your number, will probably be more interesting cause I’ll have more dicks below my belt