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Things feel the same.

So I hung out with Don last night and although we talked about starting a relationship- I just don’t know about it. He picked me up from the house to drive to the gas station get water then drive to our “spot”. The spot where we usually just talk and end up having sex. With me sucking his dick, him sticking his finger in my ass, talking dirty to me and giving it to me doggy style. So that’s exactly what happened. We talked for a bit and I told him about my revelation I had and said I can be all in it with this relationship is like to start with him. We talked about school, work, a little about family. He kissed me- first kiss in a long time with him- I liked it but idk it felt weird too- I guess since I’ve been just used to just going right to sucking his dick and not actually kissing him. He made me cum multiple times last night and my pussy was pulsating- but although we said its gonna be different- it still felt the same. His phone was constantly blowing up and he kept answering it- I hurt didn’t feel like I was worth his time- like maybe he just came up to see me to get his dick sucked and go about his business- although he said he missed me and drove about 30 mins to see me. Idk if I’m over thinking it or if I’m just used to terrible guys who were users but it feels like something just ain’t right. I told him that it’s kinda rude he’s constantly texting while we’re trying to chill- I’m known to speak my mind but I prob looked like a bitch- I was annoyed. Like why Come hang with me to just be on your phone? So he tells me he’s texting them to tell them he’s out on a date and chilling with someone. But the whole hour we were hanging out, fooling around, his phone just kept going off. I don’t know but maybe I’m old fashioned but if I’m with someone I want them to focus all on me- not be preoccupied with other people and things. Does that make me a bitch to try and beg for his attention? Or to have him only focus on me? I don’t think so. So we’re gonna try this thing- I guess a sorta relationship- see how it pans out. With time I guess I can see if it actually turns serious or if it’s just a fling with a good friendship. I just want to stop the emptiness I feel of just fucking guys and not having someone to cuddle up with at the end of the night- or even a good night text or even an actual phone call when he misses me and wants to hear my voice. I don’t wanna end up trying to hard to not get anything back in return. I’ve been in those types of things and there’s no fulfillment in it. Only hurts me and fucks me up more in the end.
With time I guess I will see……



I write about sex, sex and more sex and sometimes my failed attempts at relationships. These are true life stories of what sexcapades I have had in my life. I also write about my search for love an a relationship.

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