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The hoe life

So apparently I’m considered a hoe
Wow didn’t know having a sex life an active one at that would categorize me as a hoe

It offends me a bit to have to defend myself against the haters who are either bored with their sex lives or too much of a prude to be able to accept another’s sex life
Why should I care what others think
What is it that’s actually offending me when I hear hateful words like hoe whore slut
Why is it different for females when they want to experiment with lots of guys versus s guy with lots of females
I’m a free spirit
I do what I please
If I wanna fuck
I’ll fuck
Rant over



I write about sex, sex and more sex and sometimes my failed attempts at relationships. These are true life stories of what sexcapades I have had in my life. I also write about my search for love an a relationship.

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