So I’ve been researching about being a submissive and having someone dominate me in the bedroom- 

I am intrigued and think it’ll be for me 

To try something like that 

I deff never did it before 

But feel like it is what I need too help with my addiction 

Maybe help me explore my interests

I’m wondering if I’ll be opening up Pandora’s box if I explore this part of my sexuality 

I have a feeling I will enjoy this lifestyle 

And then may become addicted to it as well

Since I have an addictive personality 

Then it might fuck me up to the point where finding a man to meet my needs in that way may be difficult

Wondering how I can eventually have a real relationship with someone if I’m into that type of sex and lifestyle 

Well so I’m going to explore this with my new friend and see if he can teach me things 

About me that I never knew I enjoyed

This time will be a time for self discovery 

I will be the student as he dominates me

I know he will take it slow and won’t harm me

I trust that he will do what he can to please me and I’ll be in good hands

Wondering how much enjoyment I will get from this 

Hoping this helps me satisfy my temptations that I have 

and hoping this somehow helps control me. 

I will be sharing my stories as I go through the different sessions with him

Especially during my exploration of finding out if I am in fact a submissive and take pleasure in those behaviors
*i had been invited to a sex club and sex parties like I had in the past but never went- maybe that’ll be a thing that excites me as well that maybe down the road I could try if I have the courage to and am comfortable enough with who I am as a sexual being to go.*