So Pl3asure4U is going to be around for a while

He says he’s going to help me take my addiction and help me see that I don’t need to have sex all the time or want to have sex all the time- 

I honestly believe that he could possibly help me with this and show me that the dudes in the past never respected me that’s why I’m so fucked up beyond belief at this point in my life when it comes to guys. 

He’s a smart man 

He’s deep in his words and knows what he’s talking about

He read me like a book from a few gestures i had shown him

He reads body language well

He was able to read me immediately when I honestly just recently came to the realization that I am a nympho 

and might need something to help me control it.

The way he stimulates my mind, body and soul makes me excited for the next meetings we have 

and I definitely want him to help me take the beast within me. 

I want him to help me unleash my true passions.

Pl3asure4U from day 1 has been:

Chill, honest with his intentions and smart

And he shows me the respect I deserve that guys in the past have never shown me

We had a conversation on the phone tonight and it felt as if i was talking to a friend I’ve known for years

We vibe with each other and he’s so easy to talk to

We converse about worldly topics and real life things 

He even goes on with what I learn in school and can actually teach me something that I had never even learned before. 

He’s getting me in those feels like people say but I like it cause it’ll be something different. 

To be treated with respect 

To be able to just chill with someone who wants to please me

Wants to know about me and my day 

Someone who will also bang me out at the end of the day to feed the hunger I have that has my pussy throbbing.

If there’s any ladies out there who is in need of some attention by a nice guy

It’s not about sex with him- just the stimulation of my mind is what gets me off- and the attention I receive from him. 

A genuine guy who enjoys the company of a lovely woman 

You should email my new friend Ple3asure4u 

If you are in the Philadelphia, PA area send him an email

Are you looking for companionship that you may be missing in your life? 

Are you looking to be swept away by a handsome man and taken out on the town? 

Are you looking to just chill and relax and have a deep conversation that stimulates your mind and may even tantalize your body? 

Then don’t be afraid and email Pl3asure4U. You definitely won’t be disappointed.