I’ve noticed a pattern that has formed but recently been tamed with my intense focus on bettering myself through my education. My addiction is sex. And schooling and hard work to better my life has suppressed whatever addiction temptations I would regularly have. I remember times when I’d have sex with two to three men back to back at different times to feed the hunger, the want, the need, the addiction that had me wanting to climb the walls, bend ways I’ve never been bended before and suck a dick like a porn star to please my need and want of the control I feel during the sex acts and pleasuring a man.

I’ve noticed my new addiction is now school work



Hours are now spent at a laptop

Instead of me on top of a guys dick

I know school won’t last forever 

So I need to find another outlet for this addiction 

To feed and suppress this want and hunger somewhere else

Guess time will only tell whether I am strong enough to get past this