So monster is prob the largest specimen of man that my vagina had ever had. 

He’s thick and long and all so strong

He has to put it in and it has to be handled with care or my pussy gets teared to shreds

Monster is probably one of the best sexual partners in my life also and he’s a pretty cool guy

The last time I had encountered monster, we talked and caught up on life and the military and our goals for the future 

As he talked my body was screaming on the inside as I wanted to jump on his lap and ride his massive dick

So the last time we hung out watched a movie in his car and I just took control

I wanted what I wanted and there was no way he could refuse

As he lay back in his seat I open up his pants

I pull out that monster of a mans cock and put my mouth around it

Love the feeling of his cock on my lips and the taste of it excites me

I moan in arousal as I hear him sigh and moan

His cock is getting more erect with each lick

Suck and nibble

I begin to gag as I try to deep throat

Damn he’s so hard

I want to take it all in

I have to have him inside me

My pussy is throbbing and pulsating by this point and I pull off my shorts and panties off

I climb on top and position his large cock in my dripping wet pussy

Oh my god! This feels so good! His cock always feels like heaven to me- 

I’m slipping and sliding as I grind up and down back and forth on his throbbing Dick

He grabs my hips and starts thrusting me into him 

It’s feeling amazing

I already had like three orgasms

Just when he says he’s about to cum

His powerful cum fills me up and I feel every inch of his cock inside me while he fills me up


That was probably the best sex session I had in a while



Windows steamed up

Mouth dry from the moans

I felt like I needed a cigarette and I don’t smoke 

That was the first time in a long time we had sex and I wasn’t totally smashed out my mind

It was nice

I liked the passion

I loved that I had the control 

I love that he wanted me 

And I got him excited 

Monster is definitely one of the best fucks of my life that I will never forget