So I want to be real honest about something I have encountered lately. 

I  was asked out on a date by a much older guy, a guy that I wouldnt go for, but I guess i felt bad for the guy and he seemed to really want to take me out. 

So I agreed to the date, even though I knew it wasnt going to go anywhere. We ended up going to a Spanish restaurant to eat, and I was super nervous, because he spoke the language, and I didnt. 

So when the waiter came, he was speaking Spanish the whole time, and laughing with the waiter, while I just sat there staring like, what the fuck dude, really… I have no idea what you are talking about. I hope youre not talking about me, I feel like that is rude, if you dont speak spanish and your date does, dont keep speaking it to everyone, while the person youre with is feeling uncomfortable, at least give me a play by play of what is going on. 

 So the date felt a little awkward because i wasnt at all attracted to this guy, and I only seen him as being a friend. But I ordered a few drinks.. which then turned in to double shots, and its funny I never really believed in that term “beer goggles” but man I had them after I had the 6-8 drinks that night. The drink made me feel happier, more relaxed… not as freaked out knowing he was way to old and not an ounce attractive to me. 

So the night went on, we ended up fooling around in his car like we were teenagers, and it felt good. The next morning I barely remebered much, but then that is when I started getting all these text messages.

 I really like you, you stole my heart… all this nonsense that you dont say to a chick you just went out with for the first time.

 Like dude pump the brakes…

 He started to tell me about how he wanted to fly me here, and travel there. He wanted to spend his money on me.. ALthough the sight of him repulsed me when I wasnt drunk, I thought about maybe taking advantage and just spending time with him for his money and what he can give me. Never will make that mistake again.

 The more times we went on dates, the more clingy, the more texts I received. 

One night when I forgot to text him back… he drunk dialed me.. I have no clue what he was saying in the voicemail because of his thick SPanish accent, but the tone was angry, like he was upset with me for not texting him or calling him back— which is another sign I shouldnt be playing along to this game, you are not gonna get angry with me for not texting/calling back.

This so called travelling and gifts made me attracted to him, and not actually him as a person. 

He was a bit of an asshole. 

While we were talking he tells me that I have gained weight and look a lot bigger from the first time we went out, and when I had mentioned I didnt want to fool around, I lied and said I had my period, cause I didnt want to have sex with his old ugly ass, he said show me proof, let me touch down there to see.

 Like WTF dude seriously.. hell no you arent gonna touch and see for yourself, what kind of disgusting asshole says that and wants to do that..  red flags all over the place. Thats when eyes opened and I knew what I got myself into couldnt continue, as much as I liked the idea of a guy spoiling me with gifts, I couldnt force myself to want to be with him any longer because he disgusted me. I had to stay truthful to myself and realize i deserve better then that.

 and if i felt sick to my stomach at the mere sight of him and the way he spoke… that definetly is something wrong.

 After we parted ways, I told him it was over through text and told him to never contact me again. Yea so a lesson learned in this dating thing.. that i am dreading to continue again… Dont go for the guy who promises to give you gifts and money, especially when he makes you want to throw up at the sight of his face… and his voice makes you cringe, and his attitude makes you want to punch him in the throat.