I’d love to make love to a man- 

Seems like it’s been years that I actually have done that

Sex is sex and nothing more with most of the guys I’ve been with lately

I hate the fact that some times it doesn’t even start with a kiss

It’s like I feed the hunger I have 

With just a dick inside me 

And there’s no emotion behind it

No real purpose other than feeding my need and want

I’d love to make love to a guy 

Have actual emotions and feelings 

Have it mean something more than just a fuck

A lay

No feelings

Turned around

No facial contact

No kissing

No foreplay

How do I get to that point? 

Where do I find a guy and fall in love with him? 

It’s weird for me to say that sometimes I don’t enjoy just a quick and easy Lay anymore

I love sex

But I miss the emotional passionate parts of it