So one of my closest friends is a female
A lesbian or bisexual female
And I’m in love with her
She’s the first female that I actually confesses my want and love for her ever in my life
She’s amazingly sexy
She has a petite build
She’s a feisty Hispanic girl and yes I am attracted to her even though I know she be better as my friend then anything more
I haven’t had feelings for the same sex in a while
It kinda was always there
The me into girls thing
But with my family I could never tell them
Homophobic and all
Religious and it’s against God and all that stuff
So anyway Vanessa is my friend
But also I’ve had some close calls with her that pass the boundaries of friends
I knew from day 1 she was a lesbian
And I was curious and always have been
Just never did anything with a girl
Besides once I made out with a friend who is a female at a party
I was wasted beyond belief
I complained about how I never kissed a girl and we just started making out
I kinda remember it vaguely
I guess it was good
I mean we made out for a while it seemed
And the odd thing it was in front of my friends husband!
He prob loved it though
Two hot girls kissing
So yea that was the first time I hooked up with a female
Since I was 11 years old I always felt like I liked both sexes but knew I couldn’t explore the other side so I hid it away and just explored many dicks instead.
Id get off on lesbian porn and actually daydream about certain female celebrities
Touch myself
Cum and that’s as far as that went when I was younger up until the make out session.

Once I went to a female strip club and a stripper licked my Titties during a lappy I was getting.
I walked out soaked to the bone that night
My pussy was throbbing
And I remember I was horny as fuck ended up banging a dude I was with after that night out
So I kinda had a little girl on girl interactions but not the full blown sex type stuff
When I think about having to do the deed of licking a girls pussy it kinda grosses me out
Plus I’m kinda an asshole who would want only to be pleasured
I’m greedy
So back to my best bud the hot Spanish girl
We clicked from day 1 and had known each other for about 4 years now
She knows I love dick and had actually been around a few times when I fucked a couple dudes…. Another story altogether.
One night we were chilling at a guy I was seeing house
Totally drunk
He left to go outside to smoke and that’s when I started to flirt with her
I ended up throwing my titties in her face and motor boating her
I also pinned her down and straddled her
Damn if I had more time we would’ve hooked up that night
But he would’ve walked in at any moment
So I straddled her did a little grinding
And that was that
Just thinking back to it gets me excited
Well that was the one of many occasions where I threw myself at her
But she never took the bait
At the time I was a huge player fucking too many dudes and she didn’t like that
She believed in one on one dating
But that wasn’t me
Plus we both didn’t want to ruin the friendship we have
Because we really do have some fun times together
She’s my homie
My best friend
So there was many drunken nights there after about how I cant just confess to my family about who I really am and I wanted to be with her
She’d play it off with you’re drunk and we can’t were friends
So one night after we got drunk together
I decided this is it I’m making my move with her
Damn I wish I could forgot it
It was an epic fail
I tried to lean on for a kiss when she went in for a hug to say bye and we did this awkward dance type thing
I played it off as if I wasn’t trying nothing but I think she knew
It got awkward for a second then she forgot about it
Every other time we hung out I confessed my love for her and how I wish it was different
Although as much as I think she’s make me happy I need to have a dick in my life
I need to feel a hard dick between my legs
Pounding the insides of my right pussy
Wet and wetter
Until the big O
Ties cracking and curling
Penetration that I love to have
I wonder if I could get that from being with a female
It wouldn’t be the same
I guess I would never know because I’m too nervous to go that route
I think to much into it
I worry what others might say or think
And really deep down I think I’d just be more satisfied with a throbbing cock in my mouth ass and pussy versus just getting oral sex the rest of my life.