Guess I never really was good at flirting. Without having alcohol in my system or without actually knowing the person first. Or just goofing around acting as if I’m playing with someone when I’m dead serious.
I love flirting and talking dirty banter with the opposite sex- sometimes even the same sex- just to get a rise out of the person. See their reaction- see if they take the bait.
Most times I have a pattern of how to get what I want and how to try and lure in my prey. 

It’ll start with a little flirting and maybe even a little constant texting/ maybe a little stalking- no never that- 

but anyway- I like the chase- it thrills me- gives me an excitement that gets me moist in my panties. 

I like to think I can get any guy I would chase after so when I come face to face with a challenge- that is when all bets are off and I try for any route possible. 

I’ve been in situations with a couple guys who had no interest at all in dating/having sex with white girls, but with a little persuasion and mentioning that I give amazing oral pleasure they became more interested and I was able to make them go white. 

Sometimes I wonder if I was created just to be a sexual goddess and I wonder why I have such a high sex drive. 

Sometimes it feels like a curse more than anything to have this passion-
And addiction to need to be pleasured often
Either at the fingers of my own hand or of the men that I hook up with.
I become aroused too easily
The scent of a cologne turns me on
The taste of a delicious meal turns me on
The smell of cinnamon is my weakness and has me turned on all the way that I am ready to ride a dick
Wondering if I could be the only female out here that has this intense sex drive
And although I feel at times is a curse
I can’t wait to be in my 90’s in a nursing home banging all the old men and blaming my dementia for sleeping with other women’s husbands.