So what is the deal with men sending unwanted dick pix and videos of masturbating to females? A friend referred me to his friend named Luigi because he was looking for a gf and was this great guy who may have things in common with me. So I friended him on Facebook, then exchanged number. We texted for about three days straight- talking about our interested and things like that- we seemed to be hitting it off through text- so we planned to meet on Saturday for our first meeting/date. I mention that we should talk on the phone first- he said I’m shy at first so the phone thing needs to wait- this is btw a 43 year old man in talking about here! He’s too shy to talk on the phone, like really? Okay anyway. So we just text each other and plan for a date Saturday. He mentions this app called snapchat which I never used before- so I uploaded:downloaded it whatever it loaded and I added him. We had normal convos and I thought it would stay that way. Little did I know he had other intentions. So I’m out shopping with my daughter and mom and get a snapchat from him. It’s a video clip of his lower half of his body covered with a white sheet. He starts jerking his dick and then flashed me his junk- dude really? I hate dick pix and videos. Men there are rules! You don’t send women unwanted dick any things! If she asks for it then okay! But I did not want or need to see what he was packing! I was so turned off and disgusted, so I immediately didn’t even give him a chance- obviously he was looking for one thing and one thing only/ and I wasn’t about to give it to him. What the fuck do dudes think- yea let me send my video of my dick and she’ll all the sudden want me. Women actually do prefer conversation and a first date before you start with your freak ass videos. Smdh- this guy is making it worse for other guys out there, and now I know why I am single. Makes me never to want to try and have a relationship-just for the fact that there’s creeper ass dudes like this in the dating sea of people.
Rant over.
Luigi I really hope you lost my number and never contact me again. Show your Italian dick to another woman who would fall for that creeper shit before even meeting them!