So it was Halloween night after all the trick or treating was over with when I decided to meet up with Hershey- a guy I knew from high school. This guy Hershey was tall dark and handsome. A former seamen, who recently got out of te service. He invited me to his place to have a few drinks and watch movies. When I met him, we hugged, he grabbed my butt and I giggled. We flirted a little and the drinks started pouring. He told me he had a roommate but he wasn’t gonna be home for a little bit so we were good to do whatever we want. I want to jump on his dick- he was on that list I had- he was on an earlier one and I never thought I’d be able to conquer him like I thought because we lost touch for a few years. Well there we were, the ciroq was making me feel good and I became more confident, so I made the first move. I leaned in grabbed him and kissed him, the kissing turned more intense as he began rubbing me up and down my body. I wanted him right then and there- so we moved to the bedroom. He pulls off my pants, then panties, and dives down and starts to lick and nibble. I squealed and moaned in enjoyment. My body was shaking. I was squirming. Damn this dude knew what he was doing. I started to thrust into it and his tongue went deeper and deeper. He then came up started licking me all over my body, put a condom on and I helped him out to get him to rise. His dick was huge. Nice thick and long. He went inside as I let out a moan. Damn he felt good. It’s been about a few months since I had sex- which to me was a long time- so I was loving it. He stroked and thrusted hard and deep. As he was getting me from the back- he starts talking to his roommate who then walks in on us as I’m spread open in view of him. He mentions that his friend would get in to help out. I was a bit drunk and very horny so I agree. His friend was light skinned black- he actually looked like the guy in Bone Thugs N Harmony. So I just figured what the hell- there’s a first time for anything. So while Hershey is hitting me from behind- his friend- hmm I don’t remember his name, we will call him No Name whipped out his massive pulsating dick and shoved it in my mouth. I never would’ve thought or even imagined I’d be doing that deed- but wow was it a rush- I guess for the fact that I have an intensely high sex drive- 2 dudes at once was a thrill for me. Sweat dripping, bodies slapping, kissing and slurping. No name started licking and nibbling on my pussy as I sucked Hershey’s hard cock. Then we changed positions and I felt No Names hard cock making my pussy throb with every thrust. Man both these guys could put it down and knew how to pleasure a female. No Name busted his nut and left the room, as me and Hershey finished up- went a few more rounds and cuddled swearing and breathing heavily.

That was my very first three. Way. Experience and might I say with a little liquid courage anything is possible. And so worth it. Now I have an amazing experience to share with others.

Some may think oh my god she’s a whore- but I am living life- I am experiencing new adventures in dating and sex. I am not afraid to get the dick I want and try and make new men my conquests.

thinking bout starting a new little black book of conquests to conquer. Just to see if I can get them or not.

Wish me luck guys.