So what do I say about Pl3asure4U

Hes different then most guys I’ve dealt with.

For one thing he’s Hispanic and he can speak Spanish which is incredibly sexy. 

But he’s black too like most of the guys I mess with. 

 He can stimulate my mind as well as my body and I haven’t had that in a while. 

For the first time in my life I can have an intellectual conversation with a guy and it’s full of knowledge 

and logic to where I actually learn something new and take away the ideas and thoughts with me. 

It’s hard to explain

I like talking to him

Texting him 

and seeing his face

I think we’re gonna have a good friendship where we are comfortable with each other 

And his place would be my escape from reality and the hectic anxiety ridden days as a full time grad student.

With him it won’t even be about sex and I like that.

It’s a first time in my life where I don’t feel the pressure or obligation to put out. ( all the other guys in my past only wanted that thing and that thing only) 

I have the choice whether I wanna take it there or not and I love that

Can just chill without the expectation of me sucking his dick at the end of our time together. 

Although my horny sex addict ass will take it to the point where I wanna hop on his dick and ride it till I cum. 

We met up for the first time in years 

The last time I saw him as in the military -at that time I was shy and never spoken a word to him. 

Only admired him from afar

He was so hot back then and still looked as good- just an older version- since it’s been about 8 1/2 years since I’ve actually seen him last.

We linked up through Facebook and that’s when I got the courage to message him. 

My intentions were normal at first but I always had a crush on him and wanted to fuck him.

So I messaged him on an innocent non sexual level at first. To strike up convo. 

After the innocent messages- one day I decided to say fuck it and go after what I wanted

I messaged him and said I thought he was good looking and had a crush on him back in the day which then opened up some flirting and the exchange of numbers.

We texted and talked on the phone quite a few times.

Damn he has a sexy voice

A voice that could get you off with- with just a whisper

He came by my house to talk to me which was a shock cause no one ever comes to my house. 

Well if they do they wait in their cars and don’t even step out the car to come and greet me. 

So he walks out the car looking fine as hell

He stated he just got done an interview for a job

He was wearing a suit and looked so good in it

I wanted to strip him down right outside on my lawn and put my warm wet mouth all over his dick then. 

But I couldn’t. 

I had to resist 

Plus the realities of real life was that you shouldn’t do that in public and prob not in broad day light with cars driving  past. 

So we chat it up for a bit 

And actually have a conversation that was mind stimulating 

Very different then the usual bull shit talks dudes usually have with me so they can just get to the inside of my pants

So we chat for a bit then he leaves to head home.

He texts and calls me the next day

And wow am I surprised that he actually texts me often 

Which I like

And he calls me to actually talk on the phone which I love

I love to talk on the phone it’s more person to person versus texting

Where everything gets lost in translation

Anyway so we plan to meet up on a Saturday morning to go for a run

He’s fit and is going to help me with my running and getting into shape….

So I text him Saturday morning

The response back is he didn’t sleep and he asked for me to come down there instead.

Okay that’s cool 

In my mind I wanted to fuck him anyway so this makes it easier since I’ll be at his place already

So I go to his house and make myself comfortable on his bed.

We just chill for a bit have some conversation and listen to some good music

Then he lays down and I decide yea I’m gonna act like I’m tired and lay down beside him.

Yea my plan was working cause I know he was feeling me like I was feeling him.

I mean a guy can’t just lay side by side with Dazednconfuzed6969 without actually getting turned on and wanting to tear me to shreds. 

So we lay there

My head on his chest

I feel awkward cause I don’t do that whole cuddle thing usually

But it’s nice 

And I’m actually enjoying it although by this point I’m horney as fuck 

I start to grind on him a little as we lay there and I’m getting so wet as I anticipate what is about to happen 

So we continue cuddling 

I decide I’m gonna get up and take my pants off

Cause hey if I’m going to lay in bed I gotta be comfortable, right? Haha I’m slick 

So we continue to cuddle and listen to music

Then he receives a call from his friend

As he’s talking on the phone with him he unexpectedly reaches down my panties and starts to finger me

At this point I’m twitching and going wild 

Grinding and thrusting


Trying to be quiet as he continues to finger fuck me while he’s talking on the phone with someone

What the fuck! Really dude! 

As much as I was taken back by the fact that he was actually having a conversation with this guy while I’m squirming and putting his hand deeper in my pussy- I was turned on and wanted him inside me as soon as he got off the phone. 

He got off the phone and at that point he stopped fingering me. 

I’m like what? Why’d you stop? Then we get back to just cuddling and laying there. 

As I’m in a daze like wtf this dude is crazy. 

He then grips me up 

Well he puts his hand around my neck and grabs me forcing me to kiss him

Oh my lawd! 

I never had this happen to me before but I was so stimulated by it 

I seriously felt my pussy getting wetter every time he did it

At that point I wanted to taste him 

So I pull down his pants and wrap my mouth around his big black dick

Damn he was a nice size for being half Spanish

I sucked and licked and nibbled 

I put his dick in my mouth and licked his balls which he said he never had licked before

I licked him all over his body 

He moaned in pleasure and I got wetter with each moan

After I sucked him off it was time to get this thing started

He put a condom on and I hopped on his dick

Wow he felt amazing

The perfect size for my wet juicy pussy

I thrusted back and forth and moaned in excitement 

Then it was his turn 

He was grinding and thrusting his hips digging his long black cock into my pussy from behind

Screaming and yelling in pure pleasure 

I tried biting the pillows but it felt too good

I didn’t care if the neighbors heard

They would hear me getting fucked good and hard

I tell him to go harder, I can take it

He feels so good

Oh yea 

Fuck me

Damn this feels good

My pussy dripping wet

Then the phone rings again……..
He answers- omg it’s his mom calling- instead of stopping he keeps thrusting and pushing his dick deeper inside my slippery wet pussy that’s now pulsating

I had to be as quiet as possible because he was on the phone with his mom

It was very difficult 

Trying to smother myself in the pillows as he continued pounding me 

He didn’t give a fuck that he was on the phone

And with his mother for that matter

He kept on going 

Digging in deep 

Hitting my pussy like a pro hitter

I came multiple times

And then we were done. 

I can’t believe how amazing that sex session was with him.

He mind fucked me then fucked me good in my pink pussy. 

I was looking forward to our next meeting. 

And since that day I’ve thought about him and oozed in my panties wanting to have him again.

Not even sure if it’s just the sex. 

I want to be held

I want to be caressed

Gripped up and maybe even spanked

I want it all and I honestly think he knows well enough how to please a woman who wants it all

He stated he’s like a drug- that’s what women call him and if that’s so……..

I don’t mind being strung out on him…

I want his dick to be my ecstasy 

And wouldn’t mind being hooked on him if every sessions after that is as amazing as that brief one was.

Guess I’ll see where this all leads…

If I become addicted to him or not and maybe he could help me feed the addiction to sex I already have by exploring other ways of enjoying penetration and receiving stimulation of my mind, body and soul.