• So this girl right here has loads of fun when drinking is involved
    One weekend away with the military I got shit faced which had me staggering over to the male barracks with not one guy but two guys
    Infantry guys
    2 dark skinned sexy ass dudes
    I started kissing the one
    While the other one pulled off my pants
    And started to finger me
    I was so wet
    Dripping wet
    I knew what would happen next
    I was about to get two dicks in me at the same time
    I was so excited and horny
    These guys had it going on
    Bulging muscles that complimented them
    The one guy had the guy “v” thing that I love
    He really turned me on
    I felt special like out of all the females who could’ve been in this situation
    Here I am
    My marshmallow PT pants were on the floor and sweat shirt now off
    As the one guy is playing with my titties
    And the other caressing my pussy as I suck on his dick
    It was like something out of a really sexy porn
    It was hot as hell in there and was risky because you don’t do that
    Go in the male barracks
    It’s against the rules or whatever
    I didn’t care I wanted to get fucked
    I wanted to scream
    I want to cum all over the place
    And that was the very first night it happened
    While the one guy was hitting me from behind
    I had the others dick in my mouth
    I was beyond wet
    I started to squirt everywhere
    My body shook intensely as my juices flowed out
    I was in sheer pleasure
    I was taking the dicks like a champ
    While the one guy turned me over and started licking my pussy
    The other one shoved his large cock in my face
    And stroking
    He was getting larger and larger….
  • That’s when I hear a door open… A deep voice yells in the room and says that female better be out of here before I get back from my shower. The Sgt peaked his head in and tells the two infantry men that I needed to go.
    Thank God that Sgt didn’t know I was military also
    That could’ve been way worse getting caught
    Prob thought I was a random whore that the guys met at the bar off base
    The guys finished their final pumps and came
    I had multiple orgasms and learned that it is possible to squirt if I am getting fucked good enough
    I was proud of my pussy
    And shocked
    But also excited about the dirty deed I just had with this two sexy infantry guys
    So I grabbed my clothes threw them on and hurried back next door to my female barracks
    No one knew I was gone
    And No one knew my sexy story until I finally told them what happened