I’ve decided I’m going to stop with the bull shit and make my move with Don. We have a connection and get along really well- I’m attracted to him- he’s a nice guy and he encourages me to try my hardest- I decided we will try this relationship thing one more time. We are great friends but I want more with him. I hope it works out. I hope I can stay in it for the long run and not run away when I catch feelings- which means I will take the plunge and dive all in with Don. I think he’s worth it and I have to grow up- put my big girl pants on and make it work. I have to find my true happiness- I’m capable of love and happiness like every other female- it’s time to realize that. Life is too short to let love and happiness pass me by- because I’m too fearful of being hurt or betrayed. It’s time for Dazednconfuzed6969 to step up and get her man. So we talked today and we’re going to start a real relationship. I guess I’ll see where it goes. I’ll keep my readers– all 3 of you updated.