I am or was or maybe still am an addict

Not in a bad way id say

My addiction is sex

My need 


And lust for having a hard cock in between my thighs has put me into a lot of crazy situations

In some off the wall places

The need and want to be in control with my pussy 

Had me up all night riding dick and moaning

Multiple orgasms

Three ways

And trying things I’ve never thought I’d try

To be that freak for the guy I was with

To feed my need to want to be that sex goddess

For that moment I was everything they wanted

Whether it was just a nut to be busted

Or something more like the want for attention they weren’t getting elsewhere

Or companionship

Or to hear their name screamed out in sheer excitement and pleasure

The addiction had me in tight spaces 

It had me riding a guy in the back of a friends car while she was driving

It had me straddling a guy I was with on grass outside of a convent

The need
the want to have my pussy throbbing while a huge cock pounded me and had me climbing the walls-

Had me sneak into a closet when a mom walked down to talk to their son- later finding out he already had a gf he was cheating on
And hiding so his mom wouldn’t know he was cheating
Hotel rooms

Mirrors on the ceilings

Legs spread


Moaning and fucking

The addiction had me fucking one dude then going to another guys house about a half hour later to get banged out again

My pussy yearned for more

At some times in my life I always had a dream to just have guys lined up to wait to fuck me

Maybe it’s more than an addiction

Maybe it’s a problem that needs to be solved

But my addiction took me to experiences of getting eaten out in the back of an army vehicle 

To getting bent over in a men’s  army barracks 

I’ve had some exciting stories to share that my addiction had led me into

Some stories I was afraid to repeat like the sex with the fat sweaty guy

Embarrassing stories

My pussy didn’t discriminate at times




Huge and massive cocks

Small and thin

Some too big to fit- and some I was afraid to touch because they were so small, or ones that went limp many times during 

The small ones led to the faking

Oh yea this feels great

As I hold back a yawn and hoped the guy was almost done 

I didn’t care as long as I at least got some oral or a little penetration 

The small ones didn’t feed my need as much- they led me to having to pleasure myself because u can’t really do much with a small one 

Anyway off topic. The addiction seemed to control me for a while but I have been suppressing the need and want to go fuck every guy that I want to fuck and I am proud of myself

Although it’s extremely hard because at this moment now I’m horny as fuck

And wish a throbbing cock was  either in my mouth or in my wet juicy pussy.

The addiction will always be there 

But now a days to be the maturing 

Professional I want to be 

I need to hide away the addict

The freak

The sex goddess

To live and function in a real society

The addiction is difficult to overcome but like everything I will overcome

Or maybe once me and Don start seeing each other again he can help me feed the hunger my pussy has and give me his long black dick multiple times in multiple places on my body.