The List
Posted by Dazed-N-Confuzed on August 16, 2016    | Edit

So I joined the military about 8 years ago and had made this personal list up of all the guys I wanted to lure to me and get them to have sex with me. I had a pretty nice size list at my first unit and felt like it would be fun to try and get these guys to fuck me. I plotted and planned ways for me to talk to them, do a little flirting and ask them out for drinks. Alcohol was seriously my friend in a lot of my sexcapades- because the real Sierra is a bit shy- well she was really shy at the time, and wasn’t the greatest with talking to guys. Yea I can’t believe it either!

So I would plan out ways to talk to them, maybe even using Facebook as a tool, by posting sexy pix of me to get their attention and have them wanting to fuck me. The very first guy on my list was gorgeous. I knew him since our first days of pre training with the Army. I remember talking to him a few times while training and we got on the subject of drinking.

My go to line to peak a guys interest was the fact that I get naughty and get naked when I drink so I gotta watch who I drink with. Every guy I told that story too I actually fucked- so it worked.

So I had this list of about 8-10 guys, I wanted to conquer before leaving the unit. Happy to say- I conquered that list and had a small list as I went to a new unit about three years later with the Army.

I might sound slutty or skanky- but it was a thrill to me to make a list and try and get all or at least some of the guys on the list. I even went as far as mentioning a list to others and the rumor spread around the unit- in which other people had their lists. Not sure if they took it to my extreme by actually banging everyone on the lists- but hey that was me- I actually think at the time I was a bit sex crazed and maybe had an addiction- so the lists and the men fed my appetite. It may have been some work getting the names checked Off but it was a huge accomplishment for me and my pussy.

It felt liberating. I felt in control. I felt wanted and needed. And the list and the guys I conquered made me feel accomplished.

Try it and you will see- it’s actually quite fun making a list and trying to overcome all the names.