So my last story about Bob, I was a total bitch to think that he was lying about everything. I guess that’s my trust issues that took over. So basically Bob really had a drinking problem due to his mom dying of cancer. She passed away sometime last year and he was a mess because of it. I felt like such an asshole to think he just made all that up to avoid going out with me or talking to me ever again. It just so happens that me and Bob had linked up after about 6-7 months of not talking and it feels good. We are taking things slow, very slow cause we’re both not ready for the whole relationship thing, and it’s nice. We go out to dinner dates, play fight, make love, have crazy sex, and we laugh and laugh. For the first time in a long time- I had a man stay the night and sleep overnight in my bed. I didn’t even know how to act- where do I put my arm, couldn’t get comfortable at first, but after a month and a half or so of him staying over- I love the feeling of my head on his chest, how he keeps me warm with the touch of his skin- no need for a blanket. I like the way he whispers sweet nothings in my ear when we cuddle, wow- never thought I’d say this but he makes me happy. I know with him in my life id be happy. I don’t wanna force anything with him cause I know he’s not ready- but I hope he’s the one God has set in place for me. He really is someone I can see marrying one day- and making me happy forever. Well guess with time I will see where it goes. Tonight I lay in an empty bed, sniffing the blankets that smell like his cologne, and wish that he was laying next to me snoring loudly. Oh gosh I don’t know what he’s doing to me- but I think I’m falling- I better slow down and enjoy this…. Cause an end is inevitable….