So Don was mentioned in one of my posts about Bob- I must’ve written about Don before but deleted it for some odd reason. Well anyway- what to say about Don? He’s a great guy, he’s cool, he’s handsome, I’m attracted to him and he finally quit selling drugs. He’s a good father to his daughter and he works hard for his money, the honest way now. He’s deff different than me in so many ways but that is what makes me more attracted to him. I met Don online on a Facebook dating site. And we immediately became friends. We went on many dates, hung out and fooled around. Don made me start to feel feelings I haven’t had in a while- it seemed like they rushed in so fast with him- I loved getting a text from him and talking on the phone with him- but then I found out he was selling drugs so everything I liked about him didn’t matter to me. I can’t date or be with a drug dealer. I thought about it for a few days and imagined if I could live with the fact that he sells drugs to people and nope I couldn’t be with him. So instead of being honest with him I made up a lie of why I couldn’t see him anymore. Months passed and I missed him and finally got the courage to tell him the reason why I didn’t want to see him anymore, I said it’s because of his side job and I felt like a criminal dating him. He said he understood why I pushed him away but I should’ve been honest with him. Years went by and we remained friends- we tried the relationship thing about twice before I pushed him away both times. Then we decided just to be friends. With this guy it’s different we talk about everything ad anything. I can be goofy with him or weird and he doesn’t judge me. I can say off the wall things and he finds it cute. He tells me he likes me because I’m different then slot of females. Different on a good way. He says   I’m a bit of a nerd type and he likes that I look innocent but he knows I’m s freak for him, the sex is great with him and sometimes feelings are felt when we’re together which o guess I’m accepting that I’m human and feelings are I guess a normal thing to feel. I get jealous thinking he has other girls but we’re at s point where we are honest if we’re seeing anyone else. He just recently found out about my encounter with Bill-yum and respects the fact that  single and doing me. Don is my friend with occasional benefits and it works for me- I know at one point I may have had feelings for him and could’ve pictured myself loving him but I’m too afraid to let myself fall for him. I can’t stop pushing him away every time he gets close. Maybe he’ll be patient like he had remained and maybe he’ll be the one in my future. Guess only time will tell